Engine won’t start but drivers panel is lit


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Went camping this weekend for 2 nights. We had 30 amp power and water hookup. Came home and next morning cleaned the van. While cleaning we tested the generator (it’s been giving us trouble, was ‘fixed’ once and worked fine in its own before the said camping trip.
We looked at fuses and all seemed fine.
The van has been sitting 4 days now and the MB dealership has no openings until November 5…about 6 more weeks. We turned the all-power switch of the house functions off, and decided to remove the chassis battery plug (ground) at the driver gas pedal well location.
All fine and good, but now the electronic locking system does not work. Obvious in hindsight. Choice, leave van unlocked or slowly lose starting battery capacity?

I will order a maintenance battery charger this evening. Is there a way to lock the doors manually?


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By the way, after trying to start the engine we tested the keys, checked batteries for charge, and tried jump starting…and the jump did not take. All the warning lights that come with the vehicle worked on the driver display panel, and went off…except the check engine light…We do not think this is a battery issue but a relay from ignition to starter issue. But, check engine light may be saying something else.


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Hi, year?


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I suspect, but have never tried it but all the door locks can be locked manually from the inside and since you can unlock it from the outside, uou should be able to use the key inside the key fob to lock the driver's door on the way out.

My only question is the slider. I don't have my 2019 here, but I am pretty sure it has an inside manual lock too.



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Starter battery can be disconnected and all doors (including slider and rear, which can be opened, and locked, and shut) but the driver door locked manually. Should remove red fuse 32 under driver seat. Driver door can then be locked with the physical hard key in the fob.
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Mine's a '21, but you can try the suggestions here:

The big thing to check is if the engine is properly grounded. That's what ended up being the issue for mine, and the guy at the dealership said it affects a good chunk of vans coming in!

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