Sold SOLDSOLDSOLD. BOTH REAR DOORS with windows and D pillar handles San Juan Capistrano CA


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Both rear doors with windows in pristine condition. Removed with fewer than 1,000 miles on the van. NOTE: I had to take back the license plate light bulbs and wiring, but other than that, these are ready to install. You pick up.


2023 AWD 170 DIY CamperVan
High roof or low?


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Sorry, new to this:)
Color grey-blue, high roof, they are loaded inside my van but I'll try to add pictures this morning.


Curiosity has me in this one, hope you don’t mind if I ask what you replaced them with, or is this a totaled van?


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I don't mind, but bite your tongue on that totaled van thought :)

I replaced them with a ramp/table from Check out Our Ramps

It's been useful as a ramp: moving a friend's refrigerator, rolling my Coaster Venture in and out, and loading and unloading my elderly dog and my inflatable SUP board. (my heart is young, but my knees are old:). As a table/platform, it makes an almost 4'x 8' back porch for the van. I saw the porch/ramps on those toy-hauler trailers and wanted one.

They are still working on an extension for the backup camera: now I see the top of the ramp frame and not the ground immediately behind the bumper. Also, the Van gave an error code when we connected the supplied license plate bulb directly, but it got happy when we reinstalled the Benz bulbs inline. They are tucked into the D pillar and go on and off with the lights.


What a great addition for you.
I was not aware of this product.
Thanks for sharing!


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For the $500 the OP is asking, wouldn’t it be better to keep the doors and store them? So when you sell the van if the next guy doesn’t want the ramp? Buying two doors, windows, rubber trim, hinges, locks, etc would cost a fortune, before paint. If it were me I’d put the doors in the attic and forget about them till you need them.

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