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I have a mfg. July 2008 170" Sprinter with 3.0 CRD engine and NAG-1 transmission. With only 3,600 miles since November purchase, I decided I must have the service dipstick which I purchased at Europarts. When inserting it into my fill tube I carefully pushed it downward to bottom expecting it to stop about 3" before it bottomed out. To my surprise it went all the way to the base of the red handle. Now I am not a bodybuilder and only weigh 140 lbs and used great care not to force anything. I checked the level at 79 to 80 degrees outside , temp (running in park as manual states) and it read between the marks of the bottom scale for 25 degr cent/77 degr. F. I had no dash indicators of low trans oil or any visible leaks underneath.

When I checked it hot in comparison to engine temp at about 183 degrees (had run it for about 20 minutes) on a 75 degree day the reading was way below the high temp scale low mark . I assume the trans had not reached the warmer temp as the engine, thus a low reading. I am assuming the cold reading is fairly accurate.

I talked with Steve at Europarts rechecking the MB part number and was baffled too. Has anyone encountered this situation or think I am close to a good reading?

The overall length of mine is 47 3/4 inches.

The length from the bottom of the red handle (where it would hit if inserted all the way) to the very end of the plastic indicator point is 45 1/2 inches.


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I know of two NAFTA 3500 NCV3s that had a malformation in the interior lumen of the dipstick tube which prevented full insertion of the tool to the point where it's meant to measure fluid depth.

Yours is the first report of a dipstick tool that was not long enough for the dipstick tube.

Please report the part number and the length.


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Does Doktor A's description help to identify whether your model has the correct "tabs" or "ears"? vic

Transmission service dipsticks do not 'hit bottom'. They do protrude from the
fill tube in the engine compartment and the amount of protrusion depends on the
model year, pre-'03-post'02.

Here's an reprint of one of my old posts:

I spend a lot of time with the insides of the NAG1. I did notice something I had
not payed attention to in the past, during valve body removal for cleaning

The electric circuit board panel on top of the valve body has a plastic guide
tube adjacent to the elec. socket connector. It mates to the metal exterior fill
tube which ends in the engine compartment.

This plastic guide tube is the actual travel limiter for transmission dip stick

The small diamond shaped tabs (ears) near the top of the MBenz service
dipstick's plastic tip end, engage the funnel shaped step at the top of the
valve body's plastic guide tube. Measurements reveal that the dipstick's plastic

The tip of the dipstick's end stops approximately 13mm from the sump bottom at
full dipstick insertion effort. The tip CANNOT flex and bend with excess
insertion effort because it is restrained by those ears (at the top of flexible
tip) by the upper step in this plastic tube.

This may be important info for people fabricating their DIY service dipsticks.
Measurements on the official dipstick are occurring 13mm from bottom of sump,

The service manual chart shows height in mm on dipstick. This apparently is not
to be confused with actual depth of fluid in the sump.

Further info for people with the Miller Tools service dipstick-Do NOT use tool
#9336 in the German NAG1. It could become jammed under that valve body plastic
guide tube because it lacks a limit step. The correct Miller Tool number to use
is the #8863B which will correctly fit and stop in the guide tube as does the
OEM MBenz service tool. Doktor A

Sprintervan thread is here:


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If you tell us where you live, there may be an experienced Sprinter owner near by that might be able to coach you on the finer points of Sprinter care and feeding.

I'd be happy to meet up with you if you're in an hour or two drive from Downtown Seattle.



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Thanks for the kind offer but I am about 5 states away in AZ. There is one regular poster who lives in the Phx Valley, but his name escapes me at the present time. I think I am beginning to figure it it. Have to admit the fuel filter had me guessing because pictures that I had seen on older Sprinters looked to be in front.


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Don, perhaps that Phoenix valley resident is me? Simon? Either way, I have my van serviced at Schumacher European in Scottsdale.


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Hi, I'm from Mesa.

When you say serviced, do you mean factory warranty? I just ordered two MB keys at Chandler MB at very resonable price six dollars and some chnage each. I plan to ask them about getting factory Dodge warranty service done there.

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