2008 dodge sprinter 2500 Crank but no start! Fixed!


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Hi guys,
I had a 2008 dodge sprinter come in to the shop with a no start but cranks condition. He had just brought it from virginia like that and towed it back to New york. He told me he’s been to multiple mechanics and none of them were able to start it on its own! I hookup my Diagnostic tool and im getting a bunch of codes for disconected sensors but none that really mattered.(Maf sensor, Coolant temperature sensor, etc.)
I check Crank position sensor and its reading fine, The rpms fluctuate at the cluster so it wasnt the sensor. I check rail pressure with DAS so theres 4 bar on the rail when the ignition is on. Btw the electric fuel pump will shut off after 5seconds or so if you’re cranking( it sees the engine isnt starting so dont think the in tank fuel pump is bad! ). I put a new fuel filter Maybe the filter got clogged, same outcome!
Rail pressure while cranking gets up to 50-70-80 but never really high!
I decided to check The wiring harness for any damage or burned wires and low and behold the harness on the drivers side was Shorting badly! two injector wires shorting each other! glow plug wires, Coolant temperature sensor wires, and more.
I decide to completely remove harness on the left side and insulate the best as I can.(im trying to have this engine started on its own, to see if the engine sounds good and then proceed with replacing parts, no point buying new harness or new pump if the engine isn’t good!) I did my best with electrical tape to insulate them. Now i clear the codes and from 8-9 codes now i just got 3-4 codes so i was headed to the right direction!
Engine wants to start now and its really close, I decide to use some diesel approved starter fluid and low and behold the engine starts up, its running horrible but somehow its running! I removed the exhaust from the turbo because i wanted to see what kind of smoke im getting in the exhaust! I start engine(with starter fluid ) without exhaust (straight from the turbo) and the turbo is pissing oil like fluid, i decide to check it closer and to me it looked like unburned diesel! Because now the engine is running I decide to so my favorite budget test to test out the injectors!
Injector leak down test!
I hook up 6 injectors to my tester, i place a Hose blocking thing so that the injector return lines dont piss diesel everywhere.
I run the test I find the smoking gun! The same two injectors that had shorted badly were leaking like crazy, i pull injectors out and its crazy how the engine didnt runaway on its own but heres the picture . The nozzle was completely gone! I decide to find 2 used injectors and I replace both of them.
I try Starting the car now without starter fluid and it starts up right away!
runs beautiful, doesnt misfire, Im betting that piston is probably little melted but he said he wanted to see it run! I did my job!
2 days later i found the problem but found it without replacing a bunch of parts! decided to help people out while posting this because i almost gave up but there is nothing better than find the problem. I did it!



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