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Hi, I have been running a sale on van electrical work for the past 4 months to help people in the area out.

Not sure how much longer this will last as the price of everything is rising rapidly. Certainly in June prices will rise.

If you think that you might need a modular electrical system or related services this year, think about reserving some service this month to lock in the price.

I build modular systems - both "suite case style" and "over the wheel well types".


Harry Niedecken



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Very cool stuff… it’s just expensive. Clearly you sell what you make so that’s awesome!
There is also some installation support included. Usually 2 days of time at my shop with the customer to install the systems or other related electrical aspects. If more is needed, then it can be purchased at a pretty reasonable price.

The systems do cost a bit more because they are built to operate over wider temperature ranges and use >90% components made in North America.

I am not aware of anyone else offering a system with this much North America content.


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In case it is helpful, I have been holding the price for a day of working together at the shop to $600 / day. (1/2 price)

Also have added a price for 1 hour, mostly intended for email / phone support, but I helped a local customer for the same price over the memorial day weekend.



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Hey Harry, thanks again for taking the time and fitting me in to discuss my electrical issue and grounding. I was able to find most of the problem and troubleshooting with the breakers you recommended allowed me to eliminate the other possibilities as well.

If Im ever in the area I hope to meet you in person, but I will definitely recommend your consultation service in the meantime!


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