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Just a heads up, got my order ready and filled out the order form and when I hit submit...
I got a $300 minimum order. WTH? Obviously us Sprinter people order from all over the country and international.
Wish they would have had a banner on the main webpage NOTE:$300 minimum and then I would have just walked away.


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I bought my CRL shed windows from CamperVan-HQ.
Everything went well. Easy to deal with.
Mos later had the crank fail on slider door window.
Greg was great and had CRL send me a replacement crank.
I would definitely have recommended them to anyone then.

A few mos later severe wind broke the actuator arm, I called, left messages, emailed…
ZERO response.
Ended up ordering the replacement parts from VWD, excellent response and service.
They pick up the phone, and respond to emails same day usually.

Based on ZERO response last time, I would not buy anything from CamperlandHQ.
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