Independent Sprinter Shop North Denver

Sprinter Benz Services
10750 Irma Dr #21
Northglenn, CO 80234
720/761/0927 (Tyler is the owner & one of the techs)

Just used them for a brake flush & tranny flush. Techs were trained @ MB/Westminster. Small shop, I arrived early for my appt., but they took me right in. Reasonable pricing as far as I can tell.
$450.00 for both brake flush & tranny flush. Plus they could get me right in. The MD dealerships on the Front Range were quoting me 3-6 months out!!


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That's good to know and quite a big difference in price. I'll continue to do my own service whenever possible, but I'll keep this shop info handy. Agree with the ridiculous wait times at the dealer as I had a couple recalls to get done and a 6mo. wait at MB Littleton.

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