VS30: 2019+ Goodyear Duratracs' trade


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Westwood NJ
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201 248 1575
Price is Firm
Hello, I would like to trade 5 Goodyear Duratracs' 245-75-16 load range E currently mounted on 2019 alloys. The spare is new, the other 4 tires have about 8,000 on them. I am looking for Michelin Agilis CrossClimate preferably or the Agilis LTX in 245-75-16 load range E. The tires can be for sale for $500 as another option.



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Curious why you did not like the Duratracs? Too much road noise? thanks.
I used the duratracs on a 4Runner after folks on the t4r forum kept praising them. They were the worst tires I've ever ran for my application (snow) and had a harder rubber compound that just wouldn't die. I ended up running them for several years for this reason and the rubber compound ended up cracking so I finally got rid of them. I didn't like them because they had poor snow traction compared to Blizzaks/IceX and had more road noise out of all the tires I've ever used. Plus, I noticed poor fuel economy.

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