2007 Dodge "Blank quote" listing all the options for a 2500 144 WB Cargo


Not Suitable w/220v Gen
I posted a Dodge Dealer's "Blank Quote" in the Yahoo group's Files section.

I censored the dealership name and sales person's name from the document.

Every order code available in their computer system at the time it was printed on the list, including the
order code,
a terse description,
standard vs optional
and the
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price

For example:

BC1 100 Amp Auxillary Battery OPT $310

I used this list extensively to put together a list of options, by order code, in a vain effort to make it easier on me and the sales person. It was an small exercise in data processing.

The Freightliner dealership that ultimately won my business confirmed that this list of codes matched the ones in their dealership order system.

If you use Windows XP and Office 2003 (or better), you can run print it to the Microsoft Office Image Writer and use the OCR tool to make it searchable; otherwise you can just print it and mark up a hard copy.


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