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There apparently are differences in what is supplied when the HELLA 247005021 and 247005011 numbers are advertised. One immediate Hella unit reject for NAS aka NAFTA Sprinters is if the electrical connector only has 6 pins. 6 pins only = not just no leveling function, but no yellow color running light wire/circuit included for front of the truck. In New York State I am required to have functional running lights on all four corners of a vehicle. The NAS aka NAFTA T1N OEM headlamp assembly has 9 pins that supports all lights and the leveling function.


I've installed aftermarket Hella headlight replacement units in the 2004 Dodge. The 2004 OEM headlights were working fine, but the lenses were cloudy.

Hella 247005011 (Left - N. America driver side)
The 1st Amazon supplied 247005011 headlight unit fit, had the proper fluted lens, and worked/is working fine. It came complete with all lamps and the leveling motor included. The leveling feature responds properly to the adjustment wheel on the dash. :thumbup:

Hella 247005021 (Right - N. America passenger side)
The first Amazon supplied unit had a clear lens. It was returned. The 2nd Amazon supplied 247005021 headlight unit fit, had the correct fluted lens, but there was no front yellow color running lamp wire/circuit, and the light aimed down to low with no ability to adjust it high enough.. It came complete with all lamps (no leveling motor included). That second unit was also returned.

I thought that I could swap the new lens over to the working OEM unit. There are only 5 clips and one screw, but the lens is glued in with what appears to be windshield bedding sealant. It ain't comin' out easily. I gave up on the lens swap idea.

Note: If either side replacement Hella unit comes with only 6 electrical connector pins it does not have a leveling motor and most likely doesn't have the yellow color lamp running light circuit. If it is like the one I received, the headlamps will be aimed low and will not have enough adjustment to raise them to a useful angle. (The level motor replacement "knob" position seems to be fixed. If adjustable, that motor replacement knob may have allowed enough adjustment to properly aim the new unit.)



This is from my Amazon review.

Fluted or clear lens... roll the dice. Check number of pins for functions.

The HELLA 247005021 unit comes complete which should include all lamps. The leveling motor/assembly is part of the OEM assembly, but I found no motor in the Hella unit. I ordered one unit in 2019 that came with a clear lens which is not for 2001 - 2006 Dodge Sprinters. A second unit ordered a year later came with the fluted lens I needed, even though the listing picture still shows a clear lens unit. From reading the reviews it seems that either a clear lens or fluted lens is possible to be delivered. Roll the dice. Free returns with Prime.

After pulling the electrical connector I noticed that the Hella replacement has less contact pins than the OEM removed unit. High/low beam, turn signal lamps on the Hella all worked, but the corner running light (yellow) had no wiring/circuit. I need that running light to pass annual inspection. There is no level motor in this Hella 247005021 unit. I have rarely used the leveling feature so no big deal to me. No yellow running light is a deal breaker.

The tip off as to close to OEM is the electrical connector pins. 6 pins only means no yellow running light or level motor. 9 pins means all lights including the level motor are included. (Interestingly a driver side Hella 247005011 I purchased on Amazon has 9 pins and all functions.)

The lenses cannot be swapped. They are firmly glued in with sealant.

The Hella 247005021 and 247005011 unit fits the Dodge Sprinters. It will not properly fit the Freightliner Sprinters (different grill style and trim), but there is a picture that shows it can be wedged in to mostly fit.



I did find the picture of a Dodge headlight jammed into the Freightliner trim. I don't know whether the Freightliner metal trim piece was modified or not.

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I have a pair of Hella headlights #247 005-03 and#247 005-04 that I'm going to install. They have 10 pins and include a fog light in them. My original headlights do not have fog lights. Does anyone know how to wire up these fog lights to work? I was planning on buying the oem fog light switch for the dash (Dodge # 5103 864AA same as MBZ #005-545-52-07).


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If your Sprinter wasn't ordered with fog lights it is highly unlikely that the plug and harness will have the pin and wire needed. The headlamps from my 2004 did not have fog lights. The missing pin in the pictures of that unit is 99.9% the pin needed to power the 12+ volt for the fog lights. The 12- volts would be a common ground (brown wire on OEM).


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