Sprinter Service Help, Troy, MI (Service)


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New member
Hi All:

I'm new to this forum. I'm interested in Sprinters having worked on them in a fleet environment for several years. I am currently equipped to do many repairs to Sprinter vans. I recently acquired a Starscan scanner which helps me properly troubleshoot Sprinter systems on 2007 & up vans. I have alot of experience with the 2003 ~ 2006 models and can work on those systems as well.

I am fully aware that Sprinter service can be frustrating. The dealer used for warranty work on our fleet had an average one week turnaround time on anything. Many times much longer. Much of that work was guesswork.

I am writing to let people in the Troy, MI and surrounding metro area know that I can help. Many times I can go mobile and come to your facility for repairs.

You can contact me at sprinterbob@earthlink.net.


New member
To Sprinter owners in SE Michigan area.
Bob recently helped me diagnose and repair a steering lock problem with my 2007 Sprinter RV.

He was super helpful, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

I highly recommend that you contact him if you need experienced and well equipped Sprinter service support.

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