Sprinter -Mini Vista Cruiser-Solution to Leaking Roof


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For those of you who have a 2005 to 2006 (Sprinter) Gulfstream Mini Vista and have had roof leaks, I think I have a solution to the problem. After purchasing the above unit I have had numerous problems with roof leaks and finally solved it. please feel free to contact me thru the forum.
Also, if you are having handling and suspension problems, I can suggest a some solutions that might help.


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I have a 2006 Vista Cruiser. I have been going crazy trying to figure out where the roof is leaking from. I thought it was coming in near the refrigerator vent, so I took the frig out and siliconed the edge of the cut out up. I thought the rain water was splashing around coming in and then being absorbed by the headliner being how it was exposed. I also went around every vent and edge resealing everything. The onlything I havent replaced is the AC gasket, but I dont believe its coming in there. If you found the solution please share it with me. Thanks


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In response to you problem, you can also contact me at govan@aol.com, my name is Tim and feel free to call me at (231)206-5961.
First, look at the perimeter of your roof, where the side meets the top for a small "hairline" fracture of the roofing material, these vehicles, would develop these types of cracks from going down the road.
If you send me your email address, I can send you pictures of what we found, so you can look for a possible similar leak.
As for Air conditioner seals, they can also leak, you can replace them,but I would try tightening them first. If you call me I can give you some hints as to what to do and look for before you take it in and spend a small fortune having someone diagnose the problem.
There are only a few places that these vehicles leak:
1) around the TV antenna
2) around the A/C seal
3) around the fridge vent and the sewer vents(on these Gulf stream published a Bulletin, that stated the owner was responsible to go up on the roof and make sure they put sealant around all those vents.
DO NOT USE RTV Silicone, go to your RV store and tell the you want the "good" self leveling sealer for doing such a job. - 1 caulk type tube should be sufficient.
4) cracking of the 3M Lexar Roof material Gulfstream used, around the perimeter of the roof of the coach.
Look, Please feel free to call me, believe me it is not a bother, I spent alot of time fixing my roof leak, and I am glad to share what I have learned.

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