Should these turbo related o-rings & seals be causing an oil leak at 13,000 miles - and again at 33,000 miles?

Four years and 20,000 miles ago I had a “turbo bolt to support stand broken at turbo” that was causing an oil leak.

I recently has the Authorized Emissions Modification done. Shortly thereafter my check engine light came on. The dealer replaced the DEF tank today under warranty and told me that I have an oil leak and that it will cost $759.44 To fix.

This new oil leak is requiring the same parts that were replaced 20,000 miles ago. First repair -13,000 miles - today 33,000 miles.

The parts (o-rings & seals are all related to the turbo. The parts needed for the current oil leak are 014-997-64-45 o-ring, 642-094-00-51 seal ring, 000-997-22-05, and 000-094-00-51 compensating ring. $154 for parts and $605 for labor. These are the same parts that were replaced at 13,000 miles in a more extensive emmissions warranty repair (see attached invoice).

How often should these o-rings and seals need replacing? Is it possible that the first repair was compromised causing a premature failure of the o-rings and seals used in that repair - resulting in my current oil leak?


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