Fiber Filled Mattress Topper


We have a 2016 Serenity with the sofa that converts to a bed. I'm looking for a mattress topper to make it more comfortable.
Has anyone tried a Fiber Topper? If so, how did it work out out for you and what company did you purchase it from?

I've already checked out the past posts on this topic that talk about memory foam, regular foam, latex foam, etc but would like more info on the Fiber Filled toppers.
We travel 7 months out of the year in the Serenity so we need to be aware of space and weight. We're not looking for a mattress, but rather a 1 or 2" topper.



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We've had this topper/mattress/ pad in our 2013 Serenity for the past 3 years with no regrets. Eliminates the valleys. Warm to the touch, and fits perfectly. Deflates quickly and rolls up for storage under the bed when not needed. Just use elastic sheet clips to hold the corners on your fitted sheet. Plus you can adjust the firmness to your liking. We also travel with a 12-volt quick inflator. It's thebest pad we've ever owned.


We decided to go with a 1" Latex Topper from SleepOnLatex and have one on order. Will let you know how that works out.

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