Burping the Fridge


2007 Serenity
Burping the fridge:

First trip of the year. Second day out the freezer worked, the fridge was warm. Searched and found:

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javaseuf on 06/27/07 09:55am

My 28 years in the RV service business says that you have a blocked cooling unit.
Your description of the trouble is a classic sign of cooling unit failure due to blockage, as someone else mentioned.

With a blockage, there will be no leak so you will not smell or see anything. There are small tubes that go between the freezer and the refer section and pieces of the epoxy coating that line the inside of the cooling unit tubes can flake-off and become lodged in these tubes.

You can remove the refer and "burp" it buy turning it on each side then the top then bottom, for a few hours each side. This will many times dislodge the blockage and return the flakes of epoxy back down to the boiler where hopefully they will remain.

I have used this process many times over the years and many times it has worked. Some it was only a temporary fix but others lasted a long, long time.

Other than this, the cooling unit will need to be replaced.

So, I put cardboard on the floor and pulled the fridge out. I used 2 drywall spatulas to help the feet over the threshold. Laid it on one side, then the other side, then upside down, then right side up, 3 hours each. It worked. on our recent trip the fridge held in the upper 30's when on gas or 120v. 12v does not seem to work as well.


A Fistful of settlement Dollars
Hmm. Ours exhibits the symptom on occasion but we turn it off and back on and it cools as it should. This is our fourth Nevercold and all the different models have their quirks.

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