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So you're driving around in the Sprinter, the weather turns from bad to worse, and then the collision radar sensors give up and tell you that you're on your own because it's too rainy, too snowy, too windy, or whatever ... I'm sure it's happened to a bunch of us ...

Was just reading an article about the new BMW iX and it's the first time I see this ... the radar has heating elements so in theory it will keep working in the snow at least ... thought it was worthy of a re-post ... definitely a facepalm kind of moment ...

How long for the other manufacturers to catch up and ensure the whole host of future sensors coming down the pike keep working when you need them most ?



I'm sure all of the manufacturers test their sensors in all operating conditions, including snow and rain, and provide heating and programming to deal with these operating conditions. All of my vehicles have proximity to level 3 self-driving capabilities, and all do give a warning that they are not operational. I see this when they are covered in snow and when very dirty. They start operating again once the snow or dirt is cleared off of them. Great to have them for added safety 99% of the time, and in some respects, the warnings that they are in-operational is a bonus to inform me to stay alert due to the conditions or to clean the vehicle or sensor.


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Very interesting. I have experienced the sensor shutdown, and while I appreciate the warning to be more alert, retaining functionality would be lovely. I wonder if anything aftermarket / DIY could be done. Could just be silly.


doesn't the sensor in the Sprinter havea huge heating element sitting right behind it, in the form of the engine and its radiator/cooler? something the all-electric BMW iX for sure does not have
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