5th Annual NW SprinterFest


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Yes ..... Thanks sprinter store for hosting this event. It was great to put faces coupled with sprinter-forum member names. I felt like my van was no match for all the van conversions at the event ..... but it was great to see that sprinters can be more than just a big "contractor looking van".



Wish I could have made it... had fun at the last Portland gathering in November. :thumbup:

Did anyone take any photos? What was the total Sprinter count?


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A big thanks to John and Karen!

There were over 30 Sprinters in attendence this year.

As others have said, it was great to put faces to names and see some pretty imaginative modifications (RV/campers).

OrioN and Buster live full time in a Sprinter-in-progress. That's as hard core as I can imagine.

The food and the conversation were great.

John had just finished putting in one of his aux fuel tanks into a behmoth of a Sprinter RV.

This RV belongs to a great guy named, Chip. The rig was on jack stands so anyone was welcome to take a creeper and review the art and science of John's custom-fabricated fuel extra tank.

Troy from McCoy Freightliner brought a 2010 2500 cargo van for everyone to paw and maul.

Parties like this don't just happen. The community really needs this kind of gathering to share information, meet really cool people, share stories, solve problems and have a great time.

Karen and John Bendit spent a lot of time and energy putting this together: food, shop clean up, tables, stickers, printing up forms to fill out and place on the windshield so everyone knows who owns which Sprinter.

If you're passing Tualatin, OR on I5, you owe it to yourself to stop in and say hi. John's got a lot of experience, a lot of hand-made, custom products and raw talent; all things that can make owning your Sprinter less of a mystery and more of a pleasure.


PS: I haven't had time to edit/compress the 171 MB of 30 pictures I took. It'll be a while, but I'll try to put them up.
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Thanks John and Karen! It is great to put a few more names with faces and to see others I met last year again. All the best, Ross


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just got home from a 3.5 hour drive. i set the cruise control at 61 and pretty much kept it there. i managed 20.2mpg on the trip down, and 21 even on the trip back. it was fun, even my darling wife enjoyed looking at all the different ways a sprinter can be upfitted. thanks john and kathy for hosting this event, i was glad we made it down.



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This year’s SprinterFest was exceptional! A big thank you to all who attended, bringing their favorite food for the potluck and their Sprinters for all to see. We had 39 Sprinters of all shapes and sizes and a guess-ta-mate of 80-100 people throughout the day. A wide variety of people attended from a couple that had just ordered their Sprinter to people just beginning their conversion to owners that had just finished their conversions. And as usual, there was picture taking and idea sharing galore with lots of food that disappeared by the end of the day.

Karen and I would like to thank those who made it all happen;
Mike Hiscox for registration and window stickers for each Sprinter
Troy Gibson from McCoy Freightliner for supplying a 2010 144” 2500 high roof cargo for us to look over
Jon Caples and OrioN for set up and tear down
Bob Sorrentino for helping get set up and for manning the grill
Chip for letting us put his 2010 Fleetwood Pulse on stands so we could check out his suspension and auxiliary fuel tank up-grades.
Tom Tasso for lending us his 2006 140” 2500SHC 4wd Sprinter
And our staff for their hard work preparing for the event

Attached are a few pictures to show the great fun we had. Each year brings changes and we have some great ideas to make next years SprinterFest even better! Again, thank you to everyone that attended.

Thank you, John
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2010 SprinterFest 3 900x675.jpg

2010 SprinterFest 4 900x590.jpg

2010 SprinterFest 5 900x639.jpg


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Snapshots - not pictures, not photos but snapshots - of a few Sprinters and some details seen at SprinterFest #5 in the attached PDF.




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Snapshots - not pictures, not photos but snapshots - of a few Sprinters and some details seen at SprinterFest #5 in the attached PDF.

Nice snaps. Not a photograph in the bunch.

Thanks, Mike

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Nice to see some great picks from the Sprinterfest.
noticing the Grey Nomad crew too:thumbup:


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Thank you Sprinter Store for hosting a great event.

We enjoyed the company of fellow Sprinters and seeing their conversions in progress.

I've just installed your 'Safe Stor' on the passenger seat box. Great product!


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