Rented a Promaster for a few days and 1000 miles


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The prices you post are already too much for some!
And there are plenty of diesel variants still floating around which the Dodge/FCA dealerships are reluctant to repair even giving them the sign of Dracula. The diesel variant hence is still very much a shop repair player !

I can post some variant comparative pricing between components on Sprinters and Promasters if you want!
As a primer how's about a 2014 RAM Promaster versus Sprinter DPF.
Sprinter DPF $ 3015 plus sundries $89, and labor (plus maybe a sensor @$125,) to R,R & teach in/ SCN code $1050 plus tax $4279
Promaster $5300 plus $12 sundries plus $1575 labor content (you have to drop the subframe to extract it ) $6887
I bet that would make you grunt.
Not sure where you buy your Promaster parts, but this is off of Mopar Parts online and they are selling the DPF for $2812.50….


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The price I quoted is the retail price from the dealer
That is what you will pay if you present the van to a Mopar dealer.
Equally I compared that to an MB dealer pricing on a Sprinter comparing EGGS TO EGGS.
Not shopping in the aftermarket.
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