tires: 190/70R15 load range E replacements


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ok so please excuse me for bringing tires up once again. i need some new fronts.

vehicle: 2006 3500 heavily loaded. but only 26K miles on odometer. driven few days a month on an island.

tires: continental 190/70R15 D rated.

situation: front tires worn on outsides. rears fine. front rides on bump stops. need to keep it as low as possible.

i will be dealing with the front suspension as this seems to be leading to the premature wear. although i have a michelin tire manual, my sprinter came with the vanco continental 190/70 R15s. my van now fits inside my garage by about an inch depending on how its loaded. everyone claims the michelins are the way to go but they do not have tires in the matching size. id like to retain the stock size as they help keep the sprinter low as well as matching the rear. the front sits a bit lower then the rear so taller tires up front would be ok, however i was looking into upgrading the front suspension to alleviate it from riding on the bump stops so in the end, retaining the stock size would be advantageous. i dont really care about the tires looking too small, as some have stated, as my other vehicle sits on 37" tires now and will eventually get 42" units. any thought would be appreciated.

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