Sprinter 170 Build Help


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Looking for a Jack or Jill-of-all-trades to help us build out a van on the east end of long island.
Wages commensurate with skill-set and/or knowledge base.
Probably start mid-Sept ...

rob cote

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We're in NH for the winter. We can find some time to help out but it may be too much to do an entire build.


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Thanks for the response - I'm working outside & winter is not the optimal time & another bunch of degrees colder in NH. I have a local builder on tap, but they are taking their time w/just doing my windows and then maybe helping w/some other work -- glycol hot water, alternator/charge controller, espar air, etc..
Had the 170 since Oct 16th & hopefully will have the floor sound-proofed & insulated this week, surprising how much time goes by designing, redesigning, ordering and maybe even getting some work finished.
Maybe I could bend your ear for less than the $125k, I was quoted for a complete build.
Happy T'Day ...

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