Overnighting Before Taking Tsawwassen Ferry


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I am taking the ferry from Tsawwassen (Vancouver, BC) soon and would like to ovenight in the van as close to the ferry terminal as possible. It seems that spending the night is not allowed at the Tsawwassen terminal (unless I am misinformed). I don't care if I have to stay in some parking lot if it is allowed; i don't want to be awoken and told to leave. Anyone have any insight as to a safe spot to park overnight in that area?


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BC Ferries allowed me to stay overnight at the Prince Rupert ferry terminal for a very early ferry departure. I asked when I paid and they measured my van because it was 22' instead of the allowed 20'. (So I paid 20% extra.) They do lock the gate around the waiting cars at night so I was locked inside. This must be a common issue for semi trucks which have to go to Vancouver Island.


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We've stayed at the commercial campground that's just off the main road to the ferry (on ferry-side of shopping center (pardon: centre))
It was a bit of a hunt to locate the actual driveway *in* to the campground (construction had eaten the usual road ... the "new" way was through a housing development, then down the new dirt "road" cut by/for the construction THEN accessing the campground's entrance.
Our GPS was grouching about it all the way...

It was certainly a reasonable campground.

Shopping Centre: Tswassen Mills.
The adjacent (south side of ferry access road, up a hill) town of Tswassen has many amenitites.

Egad... the construction put in a Water Park!?!?
Google maps still shows the campground's grid layout, and going to "satellite" view shows both campers and waterslides.

update: I just had to zoom *waaay* in: http://tsawwassenrvresort.com/

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I just got a call-back from BC Ferries. They said that overnighting in your vehicle is allowed in the long-term parking area at the Tsawwassen Terminal
That’s precisely what I did a few weeks ago. I didn’t ask permission, I just did it, despite being told by the booth attendant that overnighting was prohibited anywhere on the terminal property.

Entry and exit to LTP is uncontrolled. The system doesn’t issue a ticket on entry, relying on you purchasing one from a vending machine. I decided that enforcement would be poor overnight. I was correct.

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