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2010 Roadtrek SS Ideal
Took three trips to shop to complete 30,000 km check, oil / filter changes etc. Had to return for second visit to replace pinion seal (need noted by technicians, done under warranty), third visit to replace faulty NOX sensor (warranty) that was on back order from Germany. NOX replacement was complicated by RV conversion water tank blocking normal access to NOX - Service Mgr suggest there would be extra charge for additional labour time but in end did - no-charge.

It was a bit disappointing to need three visits but overall I was pleased with how I was treated.

There were three other Sprinters in the shop yesterday at least two from businesses that have a number of Sprinters.


New member
I dealt with two MB dealers in my area, both put me over the barrel more than once. Finally not giving up on MB I went the 5 hour drive to MB London. Began ordering parts from them. Kevin the parts guy is great, knows what he is talking about and doesn't get hung up with the bs. Now I purchased a 2014 Sprinter and dealt with Riddley. He to was great, over the top. I now take my vehicles on a 5 hour journey to these guys because even the service dept. knows whats going on and the mechanics don't mind talking with you. This dealership could surely be a role model for a couple others. Glad I stuck with MB and glad to be dealing with MB London. Oh and no worries if one breakes down and is undrivable, it'll go on a flatbed for 5 hours before seeing someone local.

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