North Jersey Truck, Saddle Brook, NJ (Freightliner)


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I was recently in the neighborhood, and stopped in there to check on a part... that they unfortunately did not stock.
I should have called 1st.:rolleyes:

Had stand around to wait my turn at the counter, 30 mins, but the parts guy was very patient and friendly even though I showed up with a Dodge part number and they now only use only M-B P/N's.
There is no quick easy cross reference anymore as M-B forced them to delete it, nice eh!
Guess we'll all be giving the M-B EPC-net some business

At any rate, I would give them a try again for parts or service as they clearly know Sprinters.

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I'm going to make very good use of that link, and will pass it on to the folks at NJT

Thank you


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I purchased my sprinter from them, in 2012, was used. The price was very good...the shop is very expensive. The parts dept is pretty good, especially the price of DEF.


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I stopped in to get an opinion on a vehicle I am considering. The Sprinter specialist was in the office, and saw the pic of my unit. He looked up the vin # and was really interested, and helpful, and even gave me his cell # .
Got a really good feeling about the place, and that I'd found an experienced person.

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