Key Leisure Travel Vans Links

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Key Leisure Travel Vans Free Spirit Links

This post / thread is intended to list the key Leisure Travel Vans Free Spirit related Links.

High level links only please (ie Leisure Travel Vans Company Website or an important Leisure Travel Vans Free Spirit owner resource site).

Links and other items of interest that turn up and/or change frequently would probably be best posted to a new thread.
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Looks like the Yahoo group is dead, it has been hijacked by spammers and the owner is not policing it .

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I do not own a LTV product but I have always been entertained by their video spokesman "Dean". Many folks have asked me who he is as "Does he own the company?"
I am at the Tampa RV SuperShow and I asked a couple of questions. The factory is in Canada and production is 25% to Canada and 75% to USA. Most of 2014 production is sold; they are backlogged through November. Dean is the factory rep for all of Canada and a few southwestern US states. Others handle the rest of the US. The job of the factory rep is to interface between the factory and dealers. He is the natural choice for the videos -- just watch him and look at the sales figures!

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