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    T1N Black Smoke, nonstart, Loss of power

    I have an 03 T1N that has been putting out black smoke for about 2 months. The black smoke is not constant, but appears more often when accelerating uphill. I have been losing power also. I can not find the pattern as to why. Normally I can just take my foot off and on the pedal a few times...
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    2005 Sprinter 2500 - wont start

    Greetings I accidentally left my lights on yesterday for 2 hours and it wouldn't start back up I: 1. Tried jumping it 2. Charged it for over 2+ hours 3. Replaced the battery today - still nothing I'm not getting any crank, only the "start error" message now Any ideas on what else could be...
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    Help replaced glow plugs and won't start

    My 2003 sprinter 350k miles was running strong until the cold came (tampa - Florida), one day it just don't want to start, it was showing glow plug camshaft and crankshaft sensor, I did go ahead and replaced all 5 glowplugs (bosh) installed a new glow plug relay cam and crank sensors, fuel...
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    Starting motor or something else?

    Hi guys I've got a 208 CDi that recently had all four injectors replaced because of leaking injectors. When I got the van back it was like having a new engine. But after about a few days I started to realize that the engine was getting more and more restricted. It felt like the exhaust was...

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