1. K

    Spontaneous windshield crack?

    Anyone else experience a spontaneous windshield crack? We were driving on the highways this week and two large horizontal cracks spontaneously formed; one about 8 inches from the bottom and another 8 inches above that. I heard a loud POP! They are in the middle of the window and don’t extend...
  2. T

    H20 Heat-Absorbing Glass Option; Does it work?

    One of the packages / features / options that was purchased with my van is the "H20 HEAT-ABSORBING GLASS ALL ROUND" It doesn't seem effective at all at blocking heat from the sun. Does anyone else have this on their van, and notice it making a difference? I'm wondering if it just isn't very...
  3. S

    T1N Windshield Weatherstripping Causing Rust

    Hello everyone, got a 2006 118” with the om647. Observed that many have issues with rust developing just below the windshield weather stripping. As far as I understand the cause of the problem (the weatherstripping) is there for cosmetical reasons since the Windshield is glued to the body of...
  4. Scarecrow

    Thinking of Selling - Windshield Replacement?

    Too many external pressures at home are forcing me to consider selling my 2017 Unity Murphy Bed. Checking into Detailing Services in the Washington DC area, plus I have a small star chip in the windshield that was stabilized over a year ago at Safelite. Question: Would you consider it mandatory...
  5. R

    Windshield and Cab Door Window Size

    I have a Forest River Sunseeker Class C motor home on the VS30 3500HD chassis on order. I prefer to have an inner and an outer windshield and door window covers to help keep it cool while in storage. Did the windshield, or cab door windows, change in size or shape in the VS30? So far I've...
  6. quillaja

    "weather seal" orientation on new windshield

    Hi. I just had a new windshield installed today after doing the POR-15 treatment for rust that had cracked the old windshield. When the glass guys were prepping the windshield, they installed the "weather seal" with the wide part oriented towards the metal (inside of the van). The old...
  7. G

    Windshield Replacement Recommendations

    I have a cracked windshield on a 2016 144” Sprinter with windshield (rain) sensors. I have been reading other threads on the forum related to cracked windshields. My question is a MB dealership necessary for this job or can third party windshield replacement companies handle this job? Seems...
  8. D

    Custom wiper arm configuration

    The sheet metal around the passenger side wiper arm post rusted apart, such that the post is now floating disconnected from the body. Since I can see where the wiper arm posts are meant to go on left-drive (UK, Japan, etc.) vehicles, I thought it would be possible to develop a custom wiper arm...
  9. D

    Window tinting

    I have a 2014 Unity TB and am wondering if anyone has had their windows tinted. Glare on GPS navigation screen and heat through windows & windshield have been a concern, but am worried about what it costs and how well it wears and lasts. Does anyone have any info to share?

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