1. cometman

    My install experience with Flarespace flares

    So I decided to take my 2019 to have flares installed due to the fact that your warranty is VOID if you do it yourself. The install and painting of the flares cost roughly $1600, on top of the flares + windows + trim kit. So about $4000 total. I dropped off my van, with thinsulate already...
  2. P

    NCV3: 2006-2018 New Hampshire - CRL Dual-Vent Passenger Side Rear Quarter Panel Window for 170 WB

    This is the exact product on Amazon (where I originally purchased it): I bought this in June of 2018 with the intent of installing it right away but I didn't have time to before I started traveling. I've been traveling...
  3. Overland Gear Guy

    Insulated Window Coverings - Havelock Wool

    We have been manufacturing Insulated Window Coverings for Vans, Sprinter, Promaster & Transit for awhile now, but recently we started offering them made with Havelock Wool, increased Sound Deadening and Amazing Temperature Control. We were so Pleased with the results in the van, we decided to...
  4. Mr. Mad Badger

    T1N: 1994-2006 CR Laurence T Vent Window - Bozeman, MT

    CR Laurence T Vent Window part # FW601. This will fit the 2004-2006 T1N Sprinter. This window is for the driver side directly behind the driver. This is new in box and was only opened for photos. $400 Bozeman is right on I-90 and if you're passing through I'd be happy to meet you.
  5. C

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Best offer for New Slide Door Window w/vents CRLaurence FW625R paid $478 Portland,OR

    Window - Sliding Door w/T-vents text me if you want to make an offer: Ken 503-381-3856
  6. D

    Anybody installed CRL and AMA windows on same van?

    If so, is the difference in tint noticeable when viewed from the exterior?
  7. P

    T1N: 1994-2006 Left Passenger Windows

    Looking for two (of three) OEM gasket type windows for my 2004 158" WB Sprinter. The window just behind the driver and the next in line were hit with a pellet gun :-(
  8. C

    Noob's first post! Window config questions...

    I searched through threads, but didn't find really what I'm looking for. We're converting our 2018 Cargo to a multi purpose (i.e., modular) camper/people/stuff hauler. We've installed a MOAB bed, insulated the floor, purchased Dometic fridge/freezer, had 3 person bench installed. We have a...
  9. G

    Side (rear) windows from 2016 170, high roof

    New, original Factory, rear windows in boxes. These are SIDE windows - NOT the windows from the back doors. R & L sold together. From 2016, 170 high roof 2500 Sprinter passenger van Asking $225 plus shipping. Or pick them up locally for $200. Santa Fe, NM
  10. I

    Aftermarket Windows & Ventilation

    Hi All - How important is having 2 open-able windows facing each-other for draft/cooling purposes inside van? Do you think having 1 window that opens + ceiling vent fans will be enough for ventilation? Any suggestions where to buy affordable aftermarket windows for 2006 dodge 140"? Thanks...
  11. O

    To Rear Window or Not to Rear Window. That is the Question

    I placed a deposit down for a 2018 170 Sprinter. I currently do not have the rear window option. This is mainly because I have read that many people usually leave their blinds/covers on them most of the time. I like the look on the exterior of windows in the rear. With a reflectix type...
  12. R

    CR Laurence Rear Window Installation for Sprinter: Step By Step and Tool Kit

    It was difficult for us to find a lot of resources for installing rear windows, so I wanted to put our step by step out here along with all of the tools and equipment we used. There are also links to some videos that really helped us be successful and made the process way less daunting...
  13. G

    Window Covering Tutorial

    I just wrote up a window covering tutorial and I'm hoping someone will find it useful. The way I made my window covers is: Street layer - dark, purple felt Insulation - Warm Windows Front (house) layer - raw silk Bound with quilt binding bias tape Attached with rare earth magnets in tabs sewn...
  14. A

    Installing and sealing after-market windows

    I have a couple questions about installing a couple CL Lawrence windows in my 2011 Sprinter. The windows came with no instructions so I've been checking out the forums and Youtube videos. I understand that I need to pick up some 1/2" closed cell foam to apply on the metal around the edges of...
  15. Custommm

    The Case For the rear Window...

    Looking at the nice video of the redesigned MB 2015.5 ,everyone can see that LTV have removed the Rear Window... Try to wrap my head around this idea and need some input (cons) For me that window -Bring more space , natural light inside the small motorhome -Can be use to watch for funny...
  16. D

    Window tinting

    I have a 2014 Unity TB and am wondering if anyone has had their windows tinted. Glare on GPS navigation screen and heat through windows & windshield have been a concern, but am worried about what it costs and how well it wears and lasts. Does anyone have any info to share?
  17. J

    Hola! Intro & advice sought; seats, axle, windows, air-con and more...

    Hey guys, Awesome forum. I'm a first time owner of a Sprinter but I researched through this site and a few more before making the purchase decision. Now that I've got it, I'm looking for some advice from the gurus on here... apologies if some of these topics have been covered before...
  18. P

    Window Rattle - Roadtrek 2007 SS Agile

    We are new to RV'ing and recently purchased a used 2007 RT SS Agile with under 4000 miles. There were a number of squeaks & rattles, many of which I have fixed. The only problem I have not fixed is rattling of the side windows at the back of the drivers side. These are the awning opening...
  19. C

    Which windows

    Im Having a LWB van converter to a motor home and was wondering which windows you guys think are the best I fancy the full panel tints (LIMO style) on the full side of the van but the builder would like to put the off the shelf large plastic RV windows in with built in blackout and fly screen I...
  20. J

    Fixing Misalignment of Aftermarket Window

    I recently purchased a 2008 Sprinter that had aftermarket windows installed similar to the CR Laurence windows , "All Glass Look Tee Vent". There is a small misalignment, ie, the window assembly is about 1/16-3/32" too low in the body window cut out. This misalignment prevents the lower window...

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