1. M

    Rear Window Wiper Kit

    I have a 2020 cargo with no rear windows. I am going to install windows in the rear doors, but I would ideally also like wipers and defrost for those windows. Is anyone aware of any kits or experience to make this happen?
  2. S

    Sold SOLD CRL Half Slider Van Windows, Left and Right, New in Box - $400 Shipped (Boulder, CO)

    I have left and right CR Laurence half slider windows for sale. They're new in the box and I only just opened them to make sure that everything was in order before selling. We were planning to use these for our build but decided to go without windows where these were planned to go. CRL part...
  3. M

    T1N: 1994-2006 Driver's side second row 140. Northern California

    I'm in Sacramento, looking for the driver's side second row passenger window. Thanks
  4. L

    Anyone has extra CR Laurence T-Vent Windows and/or rear van windows to sell?

    Looking for forward and rear CR Laurence t-vent window. Located in Northern California but open to out of area purchase. 2019 170ext sprinter.
  5. G

    Front Drivers Window Replacement ?

    Hello! I’m new to the group and have a question. My sprinter is a 2013 416. I wondered if it was possible to change the existing front, drivers side, fixed window into a sliding window? I’ve noticed a lot of sliding windows are slightly more narrow than the existing fixed window on my van. Is...
  6. T

    H20 Heat-Absorbing Glass Option; Does it work?

    One of the packages / features / options that was purchased with my van is the "H20 HEAT-ABSORBING GLASS ALL ROUND" It doesn't seem effective at all at blocking heat from the sun. Does anyone else have this on their van, and notice it making a difference? I'm wondering if it just isn't very...
  7. G

    ISO: Tiny Window for Top of Rear Door

    Hello! does anyone know of a tiny window (that can tip out or slide to open) which will fit into the small cavity on the top of the rear doors? I’m trying to avoid putting a second ceiling vent/fan at the back of my sprinter and need another option to air out my three kids. Thank you!
  8. E

    CR Laurence Universal Bunk Window Passenger Side - Toronto, Ontario

    Ordered the passenger side bunk window instead of the driver's now I have the wrong window! Brand new never installed fresh out of the package comes with all the necessary hardware. Sliding 33 7/8" x 10 7/8" ( 33 x 10 ) Right side - passenger side - Product Code: VW1033R Selling for...
  9. B

    WTB Hehr/ RB Components 10x36 Slider Bunk Window

    Looking to purchase a Hehr/ RB Components half slider bunk window. If anyone has one available please let me know, Thanks!
  10. S

    T1N: 1994-2006 Factory REAR WINDOW WITH SEAL -2004 140wb Hi-top Passenger - $48 - SF East Bay

    This is the long rear window from the drivers side of my 2004 140wb Hi-top Sprinter Passenger Van (2500) It includes the rubber perimeter seal. I replaced this one with an opening window, so it's in great condition. Has a moderately dark tint (removable). $48 I'm in Point Richmond CA, but can...
  11. Overland Gear Guy

    Insulated Window Coverings - Havelock Wool

    We have been manufacturing Insulated Window Coverings for Vans, Sprinter, Promaster & Transit for awhile now, but recently we started offering them made with Havelock Wool, increased Sound Deadening and Amazing Temperature Control. We were so Pleased with the results in the van, we decided to...
  12. H

    DIY Hinged Windows?

    Hello all! Currently in the design and learn how to setup electricity plumbing and everything phase! I really like the idea of hinged windows and would LOVE the airflow. I see that Seitz is a big name, but awful to buy from NA, and yikies expensive. Tern Awning Windows [I]almost[I] seem worth...
  13. J

    Question about Window install on 2006 158 wb

    Has anyone installed the 2007+ t vent window on the sliding door of their 2003-2006 Sprinter? I really want a venting window on the sliding door but didn’t know if it was a big problem since all the t-vents from CRL say 2007 +
  14. S

    Awkward opening in van side? -- need ideas/help

    Hi, I'm looking for suggestions of what to do with an awkward opening on the side of my van. (Photos attached). It's an old weather van so the opening is where they had electrical, cable stuff. I'm not really sure. It juts really far into the van on the inside so it definitely needs to be...
  15. Mr. Mad Badger

    T1N: 1994-2006 CR Laurence T Vent Window - Bozeman, MT

    CR Laurence T Vent Window part # FW601. This will fit the 2004-2006 T1N Sprinter. This window is for the driver side directly behind the driver. This is new in box and was only opened for photos. $400 Bozeman is right on I-90 and if you're passing through I'd be happy to meet you.
  16. L

    CRL Universal Crank Out Window

    I have a 2013 144wb high roof sprinter and would to install the smaller CRL crank out window (FW904RS). However, I'm unsure of the fit of the smaller window. Has anyone installed the smaller crank out window on their sprinter? If so, how's the fit compared the larger one (FW632RS)? Thanks.
  17. C

    Can you open the galley windows on the Agile?

    Alright, after staring at this for what seemed like hours (was probably only minutes in truth) I am more confused than ever. The windows behind the kitchen in the Agile have the same arms to open and close them as the rest of the windows. They even have screens, which suggests they should...
  18. N

    Adding power window to rear portion.

    Hello I'm new to this forum I joined specifically to ask does anyone have an experience adding a power window to the rear portion of the Sprinter where no window exist at all. If you have any info or sites you can refer me to I'd love that. Also for give me if this has been addressed and please...

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