1. L

    Vent with no fan

    I have a 170 Sprinter van with RV conversion. There is a front mounted Maxxaire Deluxe fan. I would like to add a vent in the rear end of the roof over the bed. I don't see the need for this vent to have a fan, nor do I want to have to fish in a new wire to power it. Is there a comparable...
  2. XYZdayz

    How do you fill a gap around a roof vent pipe before putting on the vent cap

    Any suggestions on how to fill the gap in a 2" pipe and 2 1/2" hole in roof vent before putting on the cap. These are for the vents for the black and grey water tanks. Photos attached. I was thinking of backer rod and sealant or maybe spray foam before putting on the a siphon 360 cap? Thanks
  3. C

    Rear Differential Vent Line - Can it be replaced?

    Hello! Found myself crawling under my 2005 3500 DRW today and noticed that the line coming out the top of the rear diff was broken. I figured it was a vent/breather line and after some digging in the service manual I was able to confirm it. My question is, can it be replaced and if so what are...
  4. H

    fitting a cassette toilet door in a curved side of a sprinter

    Hi all I recently got to the toilet door installation on my van conversion. With the hole quite low on the side of the van with maybe 1/3 of door is in the plastic panel. This part of the van is very curved which left large spaces to be filled with sikaflex 221. I only installed the top pair of...
  5. J

    Location of second fan: floor or roof?

    I installed a fantastic fan on the rear part of the roof. Since the Sprinter (T1N) doesn't have windows, a second vent (more like a whole with a net) is necessary for wind flow. Would you recommend a floor or roof vent? The ceiling seems more common, but think about it, a floor vent -...
  6. D

    leaking thru the bathroom vent

    On a recent trip to the coast here in southern Oregon, I encountered a significant rain/wind storm. Great fun watching the waves crashing on the shore. I discovered water leaking into the bathroom through the manually opening vent (it was closed). The water was some how getting in then...
  7. S

    Cap for wood stove?

    My van – which I bought already kitted out from some great kids in Asheville – has a tiny wood stove that exhausts through a ~3.5" double-lined stove pipe that extends about 6" above the roof. Above that there's a detachable ~20" piece that ends in a chimney cap. All of which works great...
  8. J

    Fans and Ventilation

    Any recommendations for the best fan/vent setup for a 144" cargo? I spend a lot of time in the south and am worried about warmer temps. Will definitely have one good fan, but am trying to avoid windows for stealth reasons. Would two fans in a 144" help (with 200-300 watts of solar) or would...
  9. S

    Maxxair Maxxfan Deluxe Transparency Comparison

    I originally bought a Maxxfan vent fan with the white hood but wasn't happy with the light that it let through so I replaced it with a smoked hood. While I had the hoods (covers, lids) off, I took some photos to try and show how they compare as I (surprisingly) couldn't find a comparison on the...
  10. J

    Ventilation Fan- Do I need exhaust and intake options?

    I am working on my 2006 Sprinter conversion, and I am researching which ventilation fan to buy. It seems like most people like the Fan-tastic and MaxxAir fans. I understand why it is important to have the fan to pull air out (exhaust), but I am wondering if it is worth the extra money to have...
  11. T

    2415-004 R39/1 (Vent line heater element) Signal line is interrupted

    Summary of questions: 1) How does one remove the old heater from the hose and replace it with a new one? 2) In the processes, which way does the arrow go? 3) Where does the gasket go? It doesn't seem to fit into the turbo inlet hose. 4) Does the orientation actually matter? Details: I got the...
  12. Thanasis


    To improve ventilation in the van, I punched 3 holes on the vertical of the sliding door step, just below the 12v refrigerator enclosure. The holes are 1 3/4in in diameter. I used rubber grommets to line the circumference. I built an aluminum frame that holds a rectangular piece of galvanized...
  13. Custommm

    Better Vent option...Siphon 360

    Looking to improve My Unity, i came across a Vent Cap Named Siphon 360. Reading some very positive review and comments, i decide to replace our 3.78$ Ventline that is installed on our Unity. The Siphon 360 sold everywhere require that we cut our ABS vent pipe BUT i didn't what to cut anything...
  14. P

    Vent fan install - leak & structural question

    I have a 2013 2500 170 WB. I recently had a vent fan professionally installed. After driving in my first rain storm i noticed a significant water leak dripping from the front of the fan. Upon removing the ceiling board I noticed one of the roof support beams was cut and removed for the vent...
  15. A

    What do you think of this roof rack?

    I've been researching roof racks because I'm looking for a simple way to mount some solar panels on a '12 144". I've searched the forum and not seen any review of this. Aside from it being surprisingly inexpensive...

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