1. S

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2016 2500 Sprinter

    2016 Merc 2500 Sprinter Cargo. Asking $24000obo Clean and clear title in hand. 2.4L turbo diesel. 20mpg avg. 1 owner. Very well maintained. All service done my mercedes dealer, except most recent brake job. Factory Partition Bluetooth Backup camera Super clean Insualed cargo area with wall...
  2. A

    2008 Dodge Sprinter Battery

    I'm considering picking up a new starter battery for a 3.0L 2008 2500 Dodge Sprinter. The battery is 6 years old and having issues starting sometimes. Especially now that it's winter, on the cold days it doesn't wan't to turn over. Any suggestions on a good but affordable battery? Thanks
  3. van_bae


    Hi there! I am VAN BAE also known as Alix and it is a pleasure to meet you all ;) I have been selling Mercedes-Benz Vans for almost 9 years in the Northeast, but not only do I sell vans, but I am an enthusiast who eat, sleeps, dreams, breathes VANS. I have a HUGE clientele, some of you may know...
  4. L

    NCV3: 2006-2018 For Sale - 2018 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 Camper Van High Roof 144" Diesel

    Your adventure-mobile has arrived! Whether on the mountain trails, traveling the country, commuting to work during the week, or long-distance worker- this van is everything you have been looking for. Adventure and flexible camper van with Adventure Wagon kit and other upgrades. Perfect flexible...

    Largest live edge counter top in a van!

    I managed to squeeze a 69 inch counter into my van, and I mean squeeze. It is also 25 inches deep and 37 inches tall. Want to see other people's large kitchens they managed to fit. I even tapered the front edge back by a 1/4 inch so the handle would slide by and keep that tiny but of extra room.
  6. M

    2012 Sprinter Camper Conversion [Vancouver, WA]

    Location - Vancouver, WA Contact Info - Email: Asking Price - $44,500 Model Year - 2012 Wheelbase - 144, 6 cylinder Roof Height - High (you can stand up straight if you are 6'2" or under) Mileage - 169,xxx miles Style/Special - Camper Conversion Link with all details...
  7. F

    Weight of a Van Conversion

    Hi, I'm looking around to buy a secondhand Sprinter. The idea is to convert it into a camper. Because I find many different sprinters, with different payload capacities. I started to wonder, how much does a conversion actually weights. Ok, I understand that it will depend on a lot of factors...
  8. Overland Gear Guy

    Coffee, Cookies, Convo and Cool Vans - Open House

    If your in Utah December 7th >>> Stop by for Coffee and Cookies You don’t want to miss this! Come: - Enjoy some coffee (or hot cocoa) and cookies - Converse with cool folks - Touch and feel the latest and greatest products and see where the Overland Gear Guy manufacturing magic happens -...
  9. B

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2017 Mercedes Sprinter 144"WB 4X4 - $92,000 Colorado

    Selling my fully built out four-season adventure van. The van is located in Colorado but I will be traveling with it over Christmas. Current Mileage is 71,000 and I am asking $92,000. The attached pdf's will give you a tour of the Van, detail of the buildout, and the original bill of sale from...
  10. B


    2016 OUTSIDE VAN MERCEDES-BENZ 4X4 DIESEL SPRINTER VAN 144 - $99,000 Please see link for more pictures: Or eBay Selling an Outside Van Conversion, thank you...
  11. W

    2012 E350 Quadvan
  12. S

    2011 MB Sprinter Conversion for sale ($38,500)

    For sale is a 2011 Mercedes Benz 2500 144 High Roof turbo Diesel Sprinter Van. I just had it in for it's 10,000 mile service two weeks ago. Spent $1,300 for oil/filter change, fuel filter, transmission fluid flush, coolant flush, brake fluid flush, cabin air filters and a 30 point inspection...
  13. S

    Van partition, insulation, paneling and shelving kit Sprinter 2500 High Roof

    Hi, we have created a partition and paneling kit for the 2500 High Roof Sprinter. The process was 3d scanning the interior of the van, drawing each part using CAD software and cutting at the CNC. This can be made to other models. Please let us know if this is of interest to you...
  14. A

    ISO - Sprinter leatherette bench seat for 2 persons

    Having the hardest time finding someone who will sell a sprinter leatherette two person bench seat. I've seen a few of them in photos (like one attached). Anyone have one they are will to sell or where I could find one? Thanks!
  15. P

    Wheelhouse guards for your Cargo Van (Sprinter, NV, Ford, Chevy, etc)

    Protect your wheelhouse from damage/puncture! Call 616-546-8225 to order!
  16. V

    video: in-van equipment by Sortimo

    pretty interesting in-van system. even if you're not an craftsman.

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