1. D

    Transmission fluid change - 2003 Dodge Sprinter 2500

    Hello again, I am looking for advice on whether or not to change my transmission fluid on my 2003 Dodge Sprinter. The fluid was last changed at 301,000 miles, and I am currently at 408,854 miles. The fluid has a darker brownish color indicating that it needs to be changed, but I keep running...
  2. B

    Erratic transmission

  3. 2

    2016 box truck transmission failure

    Hey guys. I own 2016 Sprinter box truck. It only has a 34.5k miles on it and it was diagnosed with failed transmission and it needs new torque converter according to dealership. Hard to believe in it but has anyone of you experienced/heard of anything like that? . Quote from MB is $9600.00!!
  4. T

    Jayco 4x4 motorhome

    Hi I'm new to the forum and am interested in buying the Jayco 4x4 I like remote touring and after having done a lap around Australia in 2017 with a 2007 Ford Transit with DIY live aboard fit-out saw firsthand the shortcomings of RWD on long wheel base vans The step up in price in this category...
  5. A

    2016 2.1 - 4 cylinder - Strange Sound when shifting

    I have a 2016 2.l 4cylinder with 81,xxx miles. It has recently started making an audible metallic sort of sound when shifting, but only when it first gets going and it seems to go away for the most part once it warms up. I have an appointment to get the transmission fluid / torque converter...
  6. C

    T1n Tranny Prognosis

    I’ve got an ‘06 t1n with 160k that just came back from a trans service(TC, filter, fluid drain) the shop found a good amount of brass colored “glitter” in the filter and pan. Had moderate RSN which is now gone since service. They said the fluid looked clean(most likely recently changed) Haven’t...
  7. A

    NEED HELP with a 2005 118" T1N

    I am looking at buying a 2005 118" W.B. and the seller noted that there is a P0702 transmission code showing as well as an "injector issue" causing the van to max out at 45MPH. how serious are these issues, is it something that could be potentially fixed up easily, and about how much would it...
  8. Colecooper100

    Dipstick broke inside transmission

    Hey everyone, Wondering if anyone else has had this come up... the black plastic at the end of my transmission dipstick broke off inside the dipstick tube (must've got too excited to check my level after changing the transmission oil :bash:). Any tips/tricks to getting these out? Think it's safe...
  9. C

    T1N: 1994-2006 05 2500 140" SHC for Parts - CO Springs

    Greetings, amazing forum folks, Thank you for sharing your insights over the years. I continue to benefit from your shared expertise. It does not run at this time. Here is how you will get more than $2,000 out of this van. Either: a) store it somewhere (you could continue storing...
  10. C

    Transmission Issues - 2002 Freightliner (P2108)

    My (new to me) sprinter has 120k miles on the clock, I drove it on a 500 mile road trip and noticed it was having some RSN and flare shifting issues so i decided to drain the fluid, drop the valve body and inspect the conductor plate. I had no transmission codes reported according to my AP200...
  11. J

    2006 Sprinter Transmission Issues/ P0715 Keeps Being Thrown

    I have a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter with around 140xxx miles. A month ago I had an incident with the transmission in which the transmission started marking horrible grinding and clunking noises. When I tried to accelerate from the stop light I was at the whole van shuttered and wouldn't allow me to...
  12. V

    Rumble Strip and Torque Converter concerns

    Good morning Board, I recently (4 months ago) replaced the trans fluid and filter on my '08. I also drained the torque converter fluid. It was shifting really hard before, to the point it sounded like someone was hitting the van with a hammer. After the fluid change it completely went away but...
  13. wdavi014

    Transmission problem: faults out in 3rd-4th gear, stuck in LHM

    Hello all, I'm having issues with my transmission and looking for help. Driving 2005 2500 SHC, 140 WB, 204,000 miles. Here is the order of events: Noticed crack in radiator expansion tank after low coolant light. On the way to the shop a week later to have the radiator replaced, the...
  14. M

    Noticeable drag at low speed

    Hi, I recently bought a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 at 180,000 KM (111,000 miles). When coasting at slow speed or accelerating from a standstill, there is some noticeable drag (like the brake is on). Having only driven an U-Haul Ford E-series before, I thought this is normal, being a heavy...
  15. R

    Transmission Temperature Question:

    I've noticed that my transmission temperature runs quite a bit higher (25 degrees) in 5th gear than it does in 4th gear (for the same driving conditions). Any suggestions as to why this may be? I'm wondering if the clutch pack for 5th gear is worn and slipping under load generating additional...
  16. B

    Servicing the transmission valve body

    I have a 2006 2500 sprinter and I'm replacing my torque converter. There was a bunch of sludge at the bottom of the pan. No chunks just sludge. Do I need to service the valve body or will new fluids flush out the valve body? Bryan
  17. B

    T1N Transmission stuck in 1st gear

    Lurker on this forum. 2006 sprinter 2500. In the last 6 months the transmission has "quit shifting". Symptoms. Vehicle running fine. Suddenly, vehicle upshifts to 1st gear. I stopped the vehicle. turned off the ignition, turned back on, problem went away. Has happened 3 x in the last 6...
  18. S

    BANG then slippage in nag1 transmission.

    Hi, I greatly appreciate anyone's input or help on this. Working on a 2006 long and tall. At 100,600 miles there were zero issues with the transmission except for a slight RSN. I performed a transmission service: Drained torque converter and pan, performed Doktor A's RSN fix with a #55 drill...
  19. Axiom

    2006 - Transmission took a dump

    So I'm driving my 2006 HC 2500 140" about 5 mins up to the autoparts store. Taking off from a stop light, it shifts into first okay then it tries to shift into second but it gets really thing I know it bangs into gear, lurches me forward a little bit, and I get the dreaded check...
  20. B


    I was driving home and turned into my neighborhood and the transmission slipped some but acted fine after I made the turn and I got home fine. About half hour later I left my house and I stopped at a stop sign and my van was acting like it was in neutral. I turned off my van and waited 1 minute...

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