transmission problems

  1. nostymos

    Transmission Issues

    Hi people, looking for a diagnosis/help. I have a 2006 Sprinter 2500 with about 110,000mls. Light loads, nothing heavy. This week I've noticed that a couple of issues with the transmission. On a few occasions, I noticed the van revving and not moving as it should and I was not able to use...
  2. M

    2012 Sprinter 18,000 miles bucking or transmision slipping when starting from a stop

    Hello this is my first post ever. I decided to make the investment and trade in my ford box truck for a new 2012 Sprinter Van this year and I have been nothing but impressed but now only 18,000 miles into the truck I thought for sure would run forever if I babied it, I feel like the transmission...
  3. R

    passing through Denver, to Yellowstone, tranny problems! HELP!!!

    I need help NOW. My son has my 2003 window van and 5 others. They are headed to yellowstone. He's in Denver now, and he called via cellphone saying that the tranny has been stalling when accellerating, and will just shut down, making him pull to side of road. After coasting to the side of the...

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