transmission fluid change

  1. E

    Where to find those transmission pan clamp thingies?

    Hi all, first time posting after a long time lurking. I have a 2005 T1N which had a partially stripped bolt on one of the corner pieces of the transmission oil pan. I did a dumb thing and tried to retorque it lightly to stay in place but its gone and jiggled itself loose on the highway taking...
  2. D

    Transmission Fluid Change Help

    I attempted to change my transmission fluid last night but I am afraid I may have over filled it and looking for advice what to do next. I am planning on driving a couple hundred miles this weekend and wanted to get some ideas of what to do tonight so it will okay to drive this weekend. Thank...
  3. V

    What model is my automatic transmission? Correct atf oil type.

    Hi all Love this forum! I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what model transmission I have in my 2009 lwb 315cdi sprinter with 5/1auto transmission? I believe the gearbox model is 722.684. I'm looking to change transmission fluid with an aftermarket automatic transmission fluid and trying...
  4. T

    ATF Change in Response to Grinding Noise

    My 2007 3.0 Junior has been making a slight grinding noise when moving for probably 500 miles. It started far from civilization so I couldn't address it immediately. I was mis-informed about how to check the transmission fluid and thought I was still full. I noticed a leak and wetness under the...
  5. quillaja

    cleaning agent for transmission valve body?

    Just a quick and hopefully easy question. I'm going to change the transmission fluid, electrical connector, etc this weekend, and also plan to remove the valve body for inspection and cleaning per how-tos posted in the write-ups section. I was wondering if there are any (spray) cleaning agents...
  6. J

    2007 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Transmission Service

    Hey All, So I wasn't able to fully find out the answers i need. Hoping someone can help. My sprinter has close to 60k and transmission is acting up. Parts are ordered and coming in friday. Trying to figure out the best way to complete transmission fluid service. What I've determined is that I...
  7. P

    Is This Pricing Fair: 40K Service: Transmission & Brake Fluid Change and Fuel Filter?

    Is This Pricing Fair: 40K Service: Transmission & Brake Fluid Change and Fuel Filter? Freightliner in Greenville, SC quoted the following for 40K service for 2013 Sprinter 3500: Transmission service will be approx. $519.12 [LIST] Brake fluid flush is approx. $197.74. [LIST] Fuel Filter...
  8. Deancm

    Torque Converter Drain Plug Removal + other cheap tricks

    After reading the forum and with some trepidation, I was ready to do a 60k mi. transmission fluid change on my 2008, 2500, V6 diesel, 144" wheel base, Sprinter/Freightliner/Mercedes Benz. Yes, it has these three tags. Trans fluid spilled on my head from the pan, so I guess I was anointed. The...
  9. Burdi Motorworks

    Burdi Motorworks, Schiller Park, IL (Service), -87.862059 Get Directions Burdi Motorworks 9415 Seymour Avenue Schiller Park, Il 60176 (847) 678-4801 Note: Family owned. They specialize in Sprinter repair and they're located just outside Chicago near O’Hare Airport.
  10. L

    2008 Torque Converter Drain

    I want to do drain the TQ but I am suppose to turn the crankshaft clockwise ? 1. From where ? Where so I stick a tool in to? 2. Do I see this TQ screw after I take the pan off, than remove some rubber cover to see the TQ than spin to see the screw? 3. Two people ? 4. If it ain't broken...
  11. H

    New Torque Converter.. Really?

    My first post here to tap into the deep knowledge base of the forum. Here goes: I took my 2004 tall roof diesel Sprinter in to the local Dodge dealer 3 weeks ago to replace the plug at the back of the transmission, it was leaking from the o big deal. While in there the mechanic...

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