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  1. Coast2Coast

    T1N: 1994-2006 02-06 Rebuilt Torque Converter (LA/Orange County)

    Rebuilt by RoadRunner Converters in Phoenix AZ. 12 month warranty. $180 + core on local pick up or $200 delivered in CA, AZ or Las Vegas.
  2. 2

    2016 box truck transmission failure

    Hey guys. I own 2016 Sprinter box truck. It only has a 34.5k miles on it and it was diagnosed with failed transmission and it needs new torque converter according to dealership. Hard to believe in it but has anyone of you experienced/heard of anything like that? . Quote from MB is $9600.00!!
  3. Carminooch615

    NAG1 torque converter locks up erroneously causing rumble strip noise

    My torque converter locks up erroneously, sometimes at low speeds, going up-hills, etc and will not disengage unless I manually shift the trans, come to a stop, or mash the pedal. It happens I *think* in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th gears. I say "I think", because I can't tell if its happening in 2nd...
  4. C

    T1N: 1994-2006 05 2500 140" SHC for Parts - CO Springs

    Greetings, amazing forum folks, Thank you for sharing your insights over the years. I continue to benefit from your shared expertise. It does not run at this time. Here is how you will get more than $2,000 out of this van. Either: a) store it somewhere (you could continue storing...
  5. V

    Rumble Strip and Torque Converter concerns

    Good morning Board, I recently (4 months ago) replaced the trans fluid and filter on my '08. I also drained the torque converter fluid. It was shifting really hard before, to the point it sounded like someone was hitting the van with a hammer. After the fluid change it completely went away but...
  6. B

    Servicing the transmission valve body

    I have a 2006 2500 sprinter and I'm replacing my torque converter. There was a bunch of sludge at the bottom of the pan. No chunks just sludge. Do I need to service the valve body or will new fluids flush out the valve body? Bryan
  7. S

    2007 3500 Transmission slipping

    The more I read, the more confused I am about what transmission I have. One place tells me I have a W5J400, another tells me I have a W5A580 and yet another says it’s a W5A330. A vin search tells me I have a 722.6 (ya think?). I can find no data plate on the transmission. The housing is stamped...
  8. T

    ATF Change in Response to Grinding Noise

    My 2007 3.0 Junior has been making a slight grinding noise when moving for probably 500 miles. It started far from civilization so I couldn't address it immediately. I was mis-informed about how to check the transmission fluid and thought I was still full. I noticed a leak and wetness under the...
  9. C

    Remove Transmission Separate From/Without the Torque Converter?

    I need to remove the transmission on my 2006 long wheel base (LHM/shifting into neutral/no drive gear/whine - catastrophic failure of what was probably a ring gear) removal of the torque converter seems to be the most time consuming/tedious and hard part of the overall transmission removal...
  10. D

    NCV3 Rumble Strip Noise (RSN)

    I have a 2009 Winnebago View that is built on a 2008 Sprinter 3500 chassis with a 3.0L diesel engine. It currently has 101,000 miles, and it weighs about 11500 lbs fully loaded. I typically drive 55 mph at 2000 rpm on the highway using cruise control in "D" mode. Last year during a trip to...
  11. B

    200 Freightliner Sprinter Vibration with RPM spikes

    I have a 2008 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 that send a strong vibration throughout the body of the truck with a brief change of RPMs then 40 Sec later is goes back to normal and the RPM go back down, fresh Trani oil changes did not do the trick so I am feeling it could be the Torque Converter...
  12. L

    torque converter ?

    I have a 118 " wb ,I just bought it three weeks ago.192k it has a vibration at about 36 miles per hour ,a sort of chatter like you are riding on the turtles .very mild vibration . so is there a test to prove that a torque converter is going bad ? it shifts great ,so on .do I risk doing damage...
  13. L

    bad torque converter ?/ help

    I just bought a 2005 dodge sprinter cargo van ,it runs great ,starts stops , shifts , ect, but there is a strange, minor vibration @ about 35 miles an hour .My friend says to service tranny asap -and suspects it is maybe the torque converter .So my question there a way of knowing or a...
  14. L

    No more rumble, no more tachometer problems

    I had a rumble noise every time I was driving around 2000rpm. Also my tachometer was moving up a line and come back every 5 seconds. ALL FIXED!!! I changed the transmission fluid and drained the torque converter. The transmission pan was a medium difficulty. - get a tarp, a aluminum pan...
  15. L

    2008 Torque Converter Drain

    I want to do drain the TQ but I am suppose to turn the crankshaft clockwise ? 1. From where ? Where so I stick a tool in to? 2. Do I see this TQ screw after I take the pan off, than remove some rubber cover to see the TQ than spin to see the screw? 3. Two people ? 4. If it ain't broken...
  16. B

    2002 freightliner, stalls at stops

    Just bought this 2002 freightliner sprinter 144/shc, Ok... It's got 620,0000 miles on it. It was advertised as having a new transmission & new engine but there were no supporting documents. For $2k I rolled the dice, barely drove away, and I'm not sure if I won or lost. The symptoms.. (aside...
  17. mawsea

    Failing torque converter symptoms?

    I was wondering if anybody could tell me the symptoms of a failing torque converter? At lite acceleration or deceleration I get the rumble. Also it feels like the van does not shift down properly, like if I'm in 4th and it's rumbling and I tap it into 3rd it feels better. I'm easy on the van...

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