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    Transmission Temperature Question:

    I've noticed that my transmission temperature runs quite a bit higher (25 degrees) in 5th gear than it does in 4th gear (for the same driving conditions). Any suggestions as to why this may be? I'm wondering if the clutch pack for 5th gear is worn and slipping under load generating additional...
  2. J

    Air conditioning compressor stops running after few mins. ECU codes unknown.

    My 2005 T1N van has issues with the AC system. Air conditioning compressor stops running within anywhere from 3-15 minutes after AC is turned on. Have to stop the engine and restart for it to work again, and again for few minutes. Connected iCarasoft MBII with Sprinter software and went to...
  3. E

    Sprinter coolant temperature display

    Hey. I have sprinter w906 311cdi, german edition. How can i manage to show the coolant temperature on dashboard? I think that my viscous clutch is not in good condition and i wont my minibus to get too hot. Also i can not see the outside tebperature and i saw that the van has outside temp...
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    312d cooling system question..

    G'day people, I've been meaning to ask this question for some time now but have resisted due to my misguided belief I could sus this out myself! :bash: It seems my heater does a MUCH better job at cooling my engine than my radiator does.. To start with, I have replaced the radiator, water...

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