1. timberdoodle

    Rode the Parking Brake for about 30 miles on the highway... ABS/ESP/ASR lights still on dash after cool down.

    2006 T1N 2500 My partner drove with the parking brake on for a while and didn’t realize (the wire is severed so it doesn’t indicate on the dash when it’s engaged). Needless to say the rear wheels were very very hot and smoking a little. What’s my process to get these lights off the dash, and...
  2. V

    T1N: 1994-2006 Headlight Bezels for Freightliner (brand new pro paint job white) S/H included to anywhere in US (from VA) Great condition and OE!

    Selling great set of headlight bezels. I converted my grill to Mercedes but had original basils painted professionally when my fan was being painted in case I needed to use them. I’m moving so just trying to clean up shop. I haven’t seen theses advertised so just asking a fair price. Would like...
  3. sarl_cagan

    Mystery Brown/White Wire

    Hello everyone, In writing this... I think I partially answered most of my question.. so hopefully this is a simple one! My van came with a brown/white wire dangling from the passenger (NAFTA) side upper cargo area. It is seemingly part of the factory harness that has the two wires that go to...
  4. Judy the Sprinter

    Need Help with noise from engine after injector replacement

    Hello, I am brand new to the forums. Please forgive me if I'm posting this issue in the wrong section of the forum. I have a 2004 Dodge Sprinter 3500 (named Big Booty Judy). I use the van for my renovation business. It has the OM647 engine with 179,9XX Miles on it. I had black death in...
  5. M

    T1N: 1994-2006 SAN DIEGO - Free 15" wheels (5 of them)

    EDIT: No longer available Anyone in San Diego want some 15" wheels for a t1n? I just upgraded to 16's. No tires included. However, I also have 3 center caps to go with them. Condition? Well, they aren't going to win you an Instagram prize for perfect beauty. But they work!
  6. E

    T1N: 1994-2006 251th Airstream Sprinter Westfalia with manual gearbox

    Many sellers of this special camper Airstream Westfalia say there are only 250 units brought into North America. I propose you the 251th Westy model from Europe, where it’s badged as Sprinter James Cook. This camper van turned 25 years old few weeks ago and it can be imported into the US under...
  7. M

    T1N: 1994-2006 2006 Freightliner Sprinter built and ready

    "Lucille" 2006 Freightliner (Mercedes Benz) Sprinter 2500 van T1N 5cyl turbo diesel (pre emissions, great power and mileage) insulated (3)100 watt solar array on the roof Maxxair exhaust fan can be open/used while raining Electric water pump and water heater (2) 7 gallon portable water...
  8. bruins

    2006 T1N Handicap Accessible Van Converted Into Off-Grid Camper

    The story is this. I love to travel and in a normal year I travel constantly for work but 2020 ruined everything so I’ve been stuck at home and I needed a project. My wife has always wanted a camper van so we can disappear to the mountains on a whim, so I started looking. What you see here is...
  9. J

    C1011 Code and Constantly Running ABS Pump

    Here's my little tale from start to finish. I bought a 2006 3500 158" in good condition all things considered except the ABS/ASR lights were on and it had a C1401 return pump code. Local shop I got a T1N specific recommendation for says that it most likely the pump itself as all of the sensors...
  10. P

    2006 T1N Crank/Starting Issue

    Hi Everyone, I am having an intermittent issue when starting my 2006 T1N. It happens mostly when it's cold, but is random and not easy to predict. It can happen once and then turn over or up to 4 or 5 times, but I have always gotten it to turn over eventually. Here is a video of the issue so...
  11. B

    Can't tell if sensor is broken or if water in fuel is real

    Hey all, I've got some unknowns about whether my T1N 2002 dodge sprinter has a faulty water in fuel sensor, or if there's actually water buildup in my fuel. A little backstory: the WIF light showed up over a year ago, and not really knowing what to do back then I continued driving it for...
  12. C

    T1N: 1994-2006 2006 Dodge Sprinter T1N (Camper Van)

    PHOTOS: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-wTpkRwx8QH5tTcm4Q31sCcJ1azY0G_vrZXT-nB9pbo/edit STEALTH STARTER VAN (Ready) FEATURES: - 100, Miles - 500lb Capacity On Pullout Side Of Bed - Pullout Table - 8ft Counter - Bed Dimension (6ft 4” x 4ft) - 2 USB/ 2 Outlet -...
  13. Colecooper100

    Tapered roller bearings replacement

    Hey everyone, All tutorials on replacing the tapered roller bearings found on the front of sprinters mention castle nuts with cotter pins to keep them secure... popped mine off to find this instead. Anything specifically different about this hub nut locking mechanism? Looks like just throwing...
  14. Kim_Marcus

    What should I do with the OEM air conditioner

    I have the standard/low roof and keep bumping my head on the rear air conditioner. Should I consider taking it out or leave it alone. I won't bump my head when the bed is installed, but this unit only works when I'm driving. So, I'm trying to get a grip on whether or not I should consider doing...
  15. sarl_cagan

    mice in the fuse box! - how to safely clean it out

    Hello everyone! My question for you all: How delicate do I need to be when moving wires and modules around beneath the driver's seat? Are there any known trouble areas? Any "no touch" areas? The back story: I'm in deep clean mode on the new van. Low and behold, there's an old mouse nest...
  16. Colecooper100

    ALB lever function?

    Howdy everyone, Currently replacing shocks, apparently this broken piece I found while doing the job is the ALB lever? Couldn't find any more info about it besides the name. Anyone know what this is or if it's dangerous to drive with it broken like mine? What does ALB stand for? As always...
  17. J

    How long will a 2005 T1N last me....?

    Looking at buying a 2005 T1N 118 SHC with 160K miles on it... I'm by no means a mechanic or gear-head, and would be outsourcing the significant maintenance to a shop. I'm hoping I'll be able to man-up with help from this forum and learn to make minor repairs on my own. People seem to drool over...
  18. E

    Free transmission service kit for T1N in the Bay Area

    I sold my Sprinter recently and while organizing my workshop I found an unused transmission service kit that I purchased from europarts-sd. Please see photos for what is included. Free pickup in San Francisco (near bayview) at my workshop.
  19. K

    AC Not working

    Hey I just bought a 2004 t1n and the ac isn’t working. Honestly a noob with any of this stuff but trying to figure it out. Ac compress never engages and got a short circuit code. Any idea how to fix? Also is this normal?
  20. sarl_cagan

    Help! - center console / "file box" removal...

    Hello! After a loooong search, I found a 2006 T1n cargo van and I'm in the process of cleaning it. One of the "features" in this van's previous life was a center console / "file cabinet" / "clip board". I'd like to remove it but I simply cannot figure out how it's attached to van. If anyone...

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