1. cwp

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Adventure Wagon Overhead Storage Locker - BRAND NEW (SF Bay Area) - SOLD

    Selling a soft overhead storage locker. Came with a van purchase, but we ended up not needing it as part of our build. Brand new, never been used, asking $200. Direct from manufacturer costs $400. The locker is designed to be mounted to an L-track system. I do have L-track and hardware if you...
  2. E

    2020 Unity CB RR Storage Dimensions

    Hi All, Considering an LTV purchase! However, I need a secure spot to store my MTB. The Wonder RTB is a no-brainer but the seating capacity of 2 is a deal-breaker unfortunately. So... I'm wondering if anyone with a 2020 Unity CB (or RL) might be willing to measure their Right Rear storage...
  3. A

    Overhead aluminum cabinets, $400, Auburn Ca

    I have several overhead Aluminum cabinets for sale. 60” long, 15” tall, 16” deep. They are raw aluminum, and include track for sliding doors that takes 1/4” material for the door. Cabinets mount to the ceiling ribs in factory holes with plus nuts, and plus nuts on the wall of the van. The...
  4. S

    Sprinter Van (170'' wheelbase) Parking for Bay Area

    Anyone have any good leads on a space to rent for a 170'' wheelbase conversion. Based in SF but willing to rent anywhere around the bay. Tough to find parking around the city for the van. DEFINITELY NOT leaving it on the street...that's asking for trouble around here. Any leads or advice...
  5. C

    Sold SOLD-Cargo Storage Pullout Drawer-Fort Collins CO $150-SOLD

    SOLD. Have one key and dividers. Used in my first build. No shipping. Will meet within reason.
  6. S

    Does such thing exists: inside overhead storage shelf for passenger 2013 Sprinter?

    English is not my first language. I bought 144" passenger 2013 Sprinter high roof. I have 7 kids and most of us like fishing. I'm trying to see, if it possible to mount some kind of inside storage shelf for fishing rods. I tried to search for it, but couldn't find anything. May be I just don't...
  7. EinarJ

    Overhead Storage with Factor Headliner

    Curious if anyone has experience with doing overhead storage cabinets or mule bag like options with a factory headliner installed. I’ve seen a few builds where it looks like people have trimmed out the headliner to accommodate for fitting the cabinets/storage more flush to the wall. I talked to...
  8. D

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2008 Dodge Sprinter Conversion Van - AMAZING Interior Feast your eyes on one of the coolest custom interiors for a conversion van that you have ever seen. Meet Roosevelt! He is a complete custom 144" wheelbase Sprinter van that is looking for a new home...
  9. B

    Winnebago ERA 170M,2017: Protect trunk light switch, organize rear storage

    (Sorry if the images don't appear cleanly... in preview it's showing a link instead of the images... a permissions issue with my account, maybe?) This is a review of things I've installed in my trunk previously, as well as some updated changes. I'm going to roll them all into one, but I didn't...
  10. D

    Rain and Sun cover for your sprinter 2500, San Diego

    I have a complete cover for a sprinter 2500 high roof, in good condition only used in Nevada to protect from the sun but works for rain to. For those wanting to protect there sprinter while not used to keep it in best shape. New $250, best offer/first to show up Pick-up in San Diego
  11. 5

    Advice on Winterizing...

    We're storing our 144" conversion van in a covered facility in Vegas for 5 months (taking off to Europe) and wanted to get some advise on how best to care for it when we're gone for so long. So while it doesn't get terribly cold in NV, we won't be around to start the van or rotate the tires...
  12. R

    Hanging pouches? Bedside storage

    Having just spent two nights in our new Pleasure-Way, I can see the need for some sort of storage by the bed to put odds and ends in (glasses, cell phone, TV remote, maybe a water bottle). Our TV remote fell down beside the couch/bed requiring some unpacking and repacking to retrieve. I was...
  13. B

    Underbody storage/luggage compartment

    I am about to start a 2014 Sprinter conversion. I have searched all thread titles for the words compartment and storage and am surprised that this might not have been previously asked. I am curious whether any of you have experience with aftermarket underbody fiberglass storage compartments and...
  14. D

    Winnebago Via or Itasca Reyo

    Am looking at these models in a 2010, 11 or 12, in a 25R layout. I am concerned with the very small kitchen sink and faucet. Any comments? Comparing this to a corner bed unit in a View or Navion. It seems that the Via/Reyo has a lot more room, but not sure. Good, bad or ugly, bring it on.
  15. T

    RV Cover for Unity

    We live in Southern California and have a 2013 Unity TB model. We're thinking of getting a cover for it to protect it primarily from the sun. Has anyone gotten one and if so what brand and size? I'd also be interested in knowing how you install it; that is, do you use a ladder and get on the...
  16. T

    ERA Storage Cabinet

    I recently acquired a 2010 Winnebago ERA 170X with the optional wardrobe cabinet behind the driver's seat. I would like to also replace the right rear seat with a storage cabinet. The various Winnebago site floor plans show an optional (?) cabinet offset from this seat, although our local dealer...
  17. V

    video: in-van equipment by Sortimo

    pretty interesting in-van system. even if you're not an craftsman.
  18. K

    Rear Facing Bench

    New owner of 2005 swagger wagon (10 pass) for our 6 kids & us. Previous owner of various VW weekenders - hoping to recreate some of the magic... Need some advice from the Forum - that I can't seem to find elsewhere. 1. Bench seats. I'd like to put one of them rear-facing. Is that possible...

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