1. A

    Base head unit replacement options in North America

    Has anyone was successful at replacing the base OEM head unit with anything equivalent to Premium but from 3rd party? In Europe Alpine seems to offer an adapter kit which allows installation of their head units with navigation and full yada-yada... But it doesn't seem to be available in USA...
  2. S

    Touchscreen removal

    There have been several posts on Radio removal in the W907 Sprinter and Today I had one in my shop to add speakers/amp, etc. Below are the pictures and how-to removal of the 7" or 10.5" radio. The outside radio bezel is indeed different than the base radio in that it is screwed in. the most...
  3. C

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Best offer MB OEM Stereo and BU camera 2014-17, Portland, OR

    Stereo/Backup Camera for 14-17 Mercedes Sprinter Van w/5.8" Factory OEM Display Radio - $570 txt Ken at 503-381-3856
  4. S

    Amplifier Ground Loop (Loud Hum in Rear Speakers) 2018 NCV3

    Hey guys, I just installed a Kappa K5 amplifier to power four 6” speakers (2 in ceiling, 2 in rear doors) and a 10” sub. This is the same setup I had in my last build, but this time I heard a terrible hum coming from all 6” speakers. Research suggests it is a ground loop, and could be solved...
  5. T

    NCV3: 2006-2018 Audio 15 : Florida

    I have a brand new 2018 OEM Audio 15 head unit for sale. From a 170 crew. Made by Apline. I will provide a signed document with my VIN for you to use at your local MB dealer, to ease in having it added. Estimated dealer fee is around $145. Lakeland, FL Shipping available. PM me. $275 obo
  6. M

    Reverse Camera Triggered When Braking

    First of all, big thanks to every on this forum! I have learned so much during my conversion from you guys! I am installing a reverse camera in my 2005 3500. Following @eagle2232 advice I tapped the red/white reverse trigger wire: The only thing I did different from him is that I tapped the...
  7. D

    New Stereo Install - Power Issue

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum as I just purchased my first Sprinter, a 2007 Dodge Passenger 170WB. Recently I purchased a Pioneer DEH-X6800BS replacement stereo and a Scosche VW01B harness kit to replace the basic factory radio. After I hooked everything up, I could not get power to the unit...
  8. T

    Sprinter Speaker Replacement HELP!!

    Hey guys, I just bought a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 144wb the other day and the stock speakers are HORRIBLE. I've found you-tube videos explaining how to gain access and replace the door speakers (they are 6 1/2 round ones, correct?), but I can't find anything on the speakers in the dash, below the...
  9. J

    Changing speakers and stereo in 2008 170'' Passenger Van

    I recently purchased a 2008 170'' Passenger Van (windows all around). Looking for any advice on replacing the speakers and stereo system. There are six circular speakers/ tweeters (2 in the front, 4 in the area behind driver's seat) and I'm debating whether I should replace all or some of them...
  10. bcman

    Basic stereo & speaker upgrade

    Hello All, I just joined the Sprinter family with the purchase of a 2003 140WB SHC Passenger van. First project: better sound! I know this info has been posted before, but I thought I'd share my experiences and a few bits of advice. I went to Crutchfield and bought a JVC media deck (no...
  11. KentuckyWR

    Switched 12v Source

    I know about the EK1 Terminal under the driver's seat but what I need is a 12v source that is active when the key in position #1 not position #2. When I turn my key to position #1 the Audio 15 Stereo comes on. I've wired my amps to EK1 Terminal #3 which is active when the key is in position #2...
  12. T

    Radio swap

    I have a friend with a 2015 sprinter who just removed his stock radio for an aftermarket that does video. I was curious if anyone knew if his stereo would work in my 08?
  13. skyeg3

    Does anybody know what this junk is?

    Just pulled the stock stereo out to find all this crap behind it. Anybody know what it might be? The guy before me had sirius radio and a bunch of other handicap stuff.
  14. C

    Stereo wiring on both battery's?

    Thanks in advance for any help. I'm a total newbie with dc wiring. I wired in a new stereo head unit. I'd like to put in a 3 way switch so position 1 powers the stereo off the starter battery. I'd leave this setting on most of the time. The red wire is attached to my switched ignition...
  15. J

    Smoke coming out of my 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500

    Has anyone ever had any kind of electrical / engine smoke. Not sure what is causing this. I recently had a stereo system installed which is pulling power from the fuse box, this fuse had blown a couple of times and took it back where they placed the stereo power from another fuse of its own...
  16. B

    1998 Sprinter - Stereo Adapter

    Hi. Can anyone advise? I am trying to fit an aftermarket stereo to my UK registered 1998 Sprinter. I found on-line, an adapter for sale, but the ad specified it was for '06 models onward. The advert's picture did not help :thumbdown: I either need to find an outlet selling one for the earlier...
  17. M

    Replacing stereo in 2011 mixto, any suggestions?

    Reading a lot of posts and doing some research on my own i've come across these three models that fit, and seem to have everything i want, here's the list of normal things: - plays music through existing speakers - blue tooth integration with iphone - nav with traffic and map updates...
  18. M

    Factory AC vs Aftermarket, Steering Wheel Controls, Stereo

    We are very close to closing the deal on our first Sprinter. We will use a 144 high top for everyday travel for our family of 5 / handicap conversion for our 6 year old son. My other 2 children are toddlers, so time for research is sparse...and this is such a big decision! We were set on the...
  19. bg101

    sound 5 replacement.12v switched & illumination

    I am replacing the head unit "sound 5" with "Clarion CX501" (big buttons for SUV ..or van). After connecting my harness I realized I need can bus adapter to have 12v switched. OK I read the forum and figure it out I can get it from the lighter socket. How can I get illumination? I am thinking...

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