1. D

    How do I replace the starter on a 2008 2500 w diesel engine?

    When I turn the key, there is one click. In trying 10 times, it started twice and just clicked once the other 8 times. The battery is at 12.9 volts and the load test was good. The wires on the solenoid are clean and tight. My diagnosis is a bad starter. I have had the same issue with other cars...
  2. P

    2006 T1N Crank/Starting Issue

    Hi Everyone, I am having an intermittent issue when starting my 2006 T1N. It happens mostly when it's cold, but is random and not easy to predict. It can happen once and then turn over or up to 4 or 5 times, but I have always gotten it to turn over eventually. Here is a video of the issue so...
  3. I

    Need help removing that darned 16mm ground strap bolt

    Long story short, I am in the process of working out a no crank no start situation. I am blowing the 25amp starter fuse in #28, have swapped relays to no success, have been able to jump the solenoid with a "clunk". I have had this issue before. Last fall I needed a tow and then a backwoods...
  4. N

    No Click/No Start + "P" Park Display on Dash Disappears

    I have a 2008 Dodge Sprinter 2500 Diesel Engine. A couple months ago my Sprinter started its first winter in a cold climate and was having trouble starting on cold days. I would wait for the glow plug lights to go off and then would cycle the key and this would normally get it going. But the...
  5. W

    No Start - No Starter Sound

    Engine won't start, or even crank. Last thing was l left headlight switch in 'park' position a few days ago. My fault but thought modern vehicles had 'auto-off', especially since I don't recall seeing the parking lights after ignition switch was turned off and I was leaving the storage lot...
  6. nickelnoff

    Starter Upgraded M24

    What is the bottom line with why someone might want or on the other hand not need or want this option ? Planning on Camper /Adventure Van conversion - could this come in handy ?
  7. Z

    2019 Sprinter won't start

    Wired a cable from the power distribution box (under driver seat) to my new Renogy DC50S battery charger (there was an open 80amp midi fuse coming off the block). I didn't unplug anything except car battery for install. Now van will not start. Battery seems to be charged still, lights are all...
  8. qcsi

    2011 crew starter fuse

    My 2011 high top crew van has a problem with the starter fuse blowing out. Replaced the starter motor and then replaced fuse (20a) and the fuse blew out immediately. Tried again with a 25a fuse and it promptly blew out immediately. Any ideas what may be causing the problem?
  9. J

    Starter won't crank

    Recently bought an '02 T1N, running great. Then I started messing with the relays as there was a blinker light out. Now when I turn the key, the dashboard lights come on but the starter won't crank at all. Checked to make sure the vehicle battery is fully charged and replaced the battery in...
  10. S

    One Click, but no start

    Hey ive got a 2006 T1n dodge 118. Ill cut right to that chase. I turn the key to start after the glow plug light goes out and all i get is one click. No cranking at all. I tapped that starter a few times and it started. After 4 starts without tapping, it wont start. All i get is a click. I...
  11. R

    Help me understand these relay diagrams, please!

    2015 Sprinter 2500, 4 Cylinder, Cargo Van Hi all, I'm new and I've really learned a lot from all the great content on here, but I'm having trouble sorting out this MB diagram on fuses/relays There are two things that I would like to do, ultimately: 1.) I'd like to locate my fuel pump relay...
  12. I

    Cold weather—won’t start—tried several things

    2008 Sprinter won’t start in temps ranging from -20 to 10 Fahrenheit (started up fine when it was 20-30 the past few weeks). We’ve tried treatment to de-gel the diesel, we’ve replaced the fuel filter, and we’ve tried as best we can to heat things up under the hood, although the magnetic oil pan...
  13. O

    2008 won't crank / turn over after voltage sensing relay install

    I have a 2008 Freightliner Sprinter 2500 144WB and have been building it out as a campervan for several months now (quick side note to say I've used Sprinter Source a million times and somehow never had to post yet), and have just started working on the house electrical system. The van has...
  14. S

    Alternator to battery wiring diagram

    Can anybody let me have a diagram showing the wire(s) that go from the alternator to the battery via the starter please? This is another route I'm exploring with the ongoing saga of my flickering lights! Thanks all!
  15. C

    start error or starter?

    So After months and months of lusting over Sprinter, browsing multiple forums, and scouring Craigslist for the perfect Sprinter I finally bought one. An 04' High Top Passenger in immaculate condition. I purchased it yesterday around 5pm and drove it to the beach with my surfboard in back...
  16. P

    Starter install

    Here is my problem. My 2004 2500 was having problems starting as soon as it got cold here in Colorado. It would eventually start but ran the battery all the way down and I usually needed to jump the van to get it started. I took it to a great mechanic, Linden Engineering in Golden Co. They...

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