start error

  1. K

    Start Error

    Howdy everyone, I've got an '03 passenger sprinter (175k miles), and have been dealing with lots of issues and hoping the collective knowledge here can help me out. this might be a bit of a long one but trying to get all the information out there. The van was purchased with the 03 version...
  2. bikerjoe

    That $#%&^ SKREEM UNIT!

    So I now have a new F150 4WD and $600 per month payments, because my good ol' reliable (?) 2004 Sprinter began to have electrical gremlins. :yell: It all STARTED with the passenger door electric lock. When the truck was new, I would push the remote, and the doors would lock, and the horn would...
  3. J

    Green Diesel Engineering ECO Tune w/ Immobilizer Delete

    Hey, Everyone: I'm here to post my experience with having the Green Diesel Engineering ECO Tune with the Immobilizer Delete on my 2005 Dodge Sprinter 2.7l CDI van. When I first started having issues with the immobilizer (SKREEM or SKIS) module, it was about 30 degrees Fahrenheit outside. I...
  4. P

    Stranded in Nevada: Start Error

    Hello everybody! New sprinter owner and new to this forum. Thank you in advanced for any knowledge dropped. 2004 Dodge Sprinter 3500 Drove 500 miles from Sacramento through Nevada, stopped at some back road hot springs in Wells, Nevada and parked at a truck stop to sleep for the night. Woke up...
  5. D

    2005 Sprinter 2500 - wont start

    Greetings I accidentally left my lights on yesterday for 2 hours and it wouldn't start back up I: 1. Tried jumping it 2. Charged it for over 2+ hours 3. Replaced the battery today - still nothing I'm not getting any crank, only the "start error" message now Any ideas on what else could be...
  6. L

    Sprinter 04 - Doesn't Start, No crank, No one can solve the problem still..

    Hello, and thanks for checking out this post on a Sprinter intermittent no start, no crank issue. The vehicle in question this time is a high-mileage 187.900, Sprinter 2004 25000 with a diesel engine. The problem cropped up with no apparent pattern, failing to crank at random times, and would...
  7. W

    Start Error, faulty SKREEM replacement options

    Folks (My Sprinter 2005/3500) Once all the diagnosis for Start error is done, a simple search for 'Start Error' on this forum, will give anyone with all the diagnosis information one will need to eliminate other causes for start error, and if that checks out ok, one has to really replace the...
  8. D

    Key fob washing machine start error

    2004 Dodge Sprinter 2500. My one and only key fob went through the washing machine and dryer. Now it still remotely locks & unlocks doors and will light the dash when turned one click but immediately shuts off with start error and will not start the van. Stuck. Ugh. Now what? Thank you.
  9. V

    "start error" and fuse block

    My 2005 sprinter developed the "start error" problem a few weeks ago. The WSP and ECM were both getting power and I ended up sending the WSP, ECM and keys off to SOS diagnostics. They restored software without replacing any hardware and all was good for a while. The problem has now recurred. I...
  10. J

    good deal?

    hey guys, im new here, but have been looking through the forum for the last few weeks. i am looking to purchase a 2004 freightliner 2500 sprinter. i have a guy willing to sell me one that has known turbo problems for 3000$. when he tried to jump the van off (it has been sitting for a year or...

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