1. bg101

    Thunder NBA - Sprinter

    Oklahoma City "Thunder" Sprinter
  2. P

    Wheelhouse guards for your Cargo Van (Sprinter, NV, Ford, Chevy, etc)

    Protect your wheelhouse from damage/puncture! http://thepowerdeck.com/uploads/NEW_Product_For_Cargo_Vans.pdf Call 616-546-8225 to order!
  3. B

    Sprinter uk road tax

    Hi I'm a bit baffled with this question so I will see if you can help me, Why is a 2006 06 plate first of the new shape road tax £210 a year And a 56 plate £130 a year Then changes back to £210 a year from 2007 onwards Can some one please explain why it changes and what they do to a 56 reg to...
  4. P

    New Product For Sprinter Vans!

    Greetings, I'm here to offer a new product for your Sprinter- The Power Deck. The Power Deck is a cargo management system designed for Sprinter Vans which automatically positions your load without the use of chains or skid pullers. Our goal is to provide a safer environment for drivers and...
  5. PowerMobile

    Sudden Loss of Power on Inclines

    I have an '03 Sprinter RV conversion with 67,000 miles. We're pulling a 2000lbs double axle trailer and have had zero problems for 5,000 miles. Suddenly today on an steep hill in Virginia doing 60 mph we lost power. We can do normal speeds on flat stretches and declines, but we can creep up...
  6. N

    need model of skylight on sprinter westfalia

    hello, I have a 2006 Airstream Sprinter Westfalia, with a cracked left upper window, cracked bathroom skylight and cracked large skylight(glazing panel). I do know its made by Seitz(Seitz is owned by Dometic). Does anyone know what models are the skylights and the upper side window?
  7. V

    2010 Winnie Via Generator short after run on shore power

    HI, We are having problems with our 2010 VIA and the generator on our third dealer trying to figure it out. If you run coach on shore power for 15-30 minutes then switch to the generator and then turn on furnace or Microwave the generator shuts down with shorted / overload. It seems to work...
  8. J

    good deal?

    hey guys, im new here, but have been looking through the forum for the last few weeks. i am looking to purchase a 2004 freightliner 2500 sprinter. i have a guy willing to sell me one that has known turbo problems for 3000$. when he tried to jump the van off (it has been sitting for a year or...
  9. S

    Sprinter sleeper, bed help building it or recommend somebody.

    Here is my issue. I have a Freightliner Sprinter 2500 series cargo van 158" which I use it for expediting services. The Sprinter has a metal separator between cabin and cargo. I was wondering if is there any way I can build a sleeper or somehow find somewhere some type of sleeper/bunk bed:rad...
  10. SprinterWanted

    Evaluating Used Sprinter Market and Pricing Opinions

    Hi, I'm looking for a used passenger Sprinter. I wanted to post my findings here to get ideas on if it's a good deal or not. What do you guys think of this one?: Longest wheel base. 2004 158wb high roof passenger with stock seating arrangement. (non dually) Everything works. New...
  11. V

    Daimler at the CV Show in Birmingham

    Only a few more days and we’ll be in Birmingham to see what’s going on in the business. We’ll take an exclusive look at Mercedes-Benz. We'll do several videos about it, e.g. Sprinter NGT, Vito E-Cell UK debut, Acrtos Megaspace, so stay tuned! http://www.myvan.com/2011/04/08/daimler-at-the-cvs-2011/

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