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    I bought a Sprinter from a guy on Gumtree (UK). I know nothing about vans. I took pics. Can you please help me assess how screwed I am?

    Pretty much as per title. Mercedes Sprinter, 130K miles, year 2011, MWB 313, diesel. I bought the van for 4000£ British pounds. The guy said that mechanically it is perfect and never gave him issues. I drove it for 1 hour and it seemed ok. Can you help me assess in what condition it is? I took...
  2. R


    2019 DIESEL 4X4 3K MILES MERCEDES SPRINTER VAN On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-Mercedes-Benz-Sprinter/184755194990?
  3. R

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

    2013 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2013-Mercedes-Benz-Sprinter/233941530463?
  4. M

    T1N: 1994-2006 2006 Freightliner Sprinter built and ready

    "Lucille" 2006 Freightliner (Mercedes Benz) Sprinter 2500 van T1N 5cyl turbo diesel (pre emissions, great power and mileage) insulated (3)100 watt solar array on the roof Maxxair exhaust fan can be open/used while raining Electric water pump and water heater (2) 7 gallon portable water...
  5. J

    Multiple Engine problems after gasoline in system

    2007 Dodge sprinter NCV3, ECU EDC16CP31-8.30, no DPF, Swirl valve unconnected, tried attaching a resistor in the electrical connector. Main issue: with all sensors connected it reluctantly starts but dies after a few seconds, no throttle respons. if unplug MAF still reluctant to start but then...
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    2015 MERCEDES BENZ SPRINTER EXECUTIVE EDITION 170 WHEELBASE On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/2015-Mercedes-Benz-Sprinter/274729857540?
  7. B

    T1N: 1994-2006 Sprinter T1N Bed System

    I am selling a custom bed system for the sprinter T1N. It is a 2 sided fold up system that bolts right into existing tie down locations. Awesome for those that need the space to carry gear and want to fold down the bed Murphy style when needed. Made out of high quality furniture grade plywood...
  8. J

    How long will a 2005 T1N last me....?

    Looking at buying a 2005 T1N 118 SHC with 160K miles on it... I'm by no means a mechanic or gear-head, and would be outsourcing the significant maintenance to a shop. I'm hoping I'll be able to man-up with help from this forum and learn to make minor repairs on my own. People seem to drool over...
  9. C

    Chinese Diesel Air/ Glycol Heater paired w/ Isotemp Spa

    I am currently in the planning stage of converting my 2020 Sprinter 170. I have recently been trying to figure out the best path to take with my water heating and came across this Chinese Air/ Glycol Heater. I was wondering what people thought of this? Does anyone have experience with these? If...
  10. zcashio

    VS30: 2019+ 2019 Sprinter 170 EXT 4x4 | Indoor Shower

    OPEN TO REASONABLE OFFERS Our 2019 Sprinter 170 ext 4x4 is for sale. We purchased the van for ourselves, but due to all complications in the country parts for our other builds (Airstreams) were not available. So we converted the van instead. Our pictures were too large to post, pictures are on...
  11. Madjmonkee

    VS30: 2019+ SOLD - Window Shades from 2021 Revel - Phoenix, AZ

    Factory front windshield cover and cabin door window shades from my 2021 Winnebago Revel / 2020 Mercedes Sprinter. Heavy duty. Magnetic. Includes storage case. Will fit any Sprinter VS30 2019+ model. Sun shades are in “like-new” condition. Excellent. Used 2-3 times only. Asking $225 + shipping
  12. W

    Wiring head unit and amplifier to van battery and house battery

    Hello, I just purchased a 2003 dodge sprinter and I am looking to see what it would look like to build a system where I can run speakers in the back of the van and the front while driving normally and while parked running off the house batteries in the back. I saw a wiring diagram a while ago...
  13. K

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2013 144 Sprinter High Roof Camper

    For sale is my sprinter camper conversion that I've built and modified over the last few years. Interior: -Sink and dual propane stove top -14 gallons fresh water -5 gallon grey water tank -Isotherm fridge -12 volt battery system -Solar charge controller -1000 watt inverter -Webasto diesel...
  14. A

    2008 Dodge Sprinter Battery

    I'm considering picking up a new starter battery for a 3.0L 2008 2500 Dodge Sprinter. The battery is 6 years old and having issues starting sometimes. Especially now that it's winter, on the cold days it doesn't wan't to turn over. Any suggestions on a good but affordable battery? Thanks
  15. C

    230k miles 2013 sprinter thoughts?

    Hi there, Myself and my older brother are wanting to buy a mercedes sprinter to convert into a campervan. We have a friend selling their 2013 mercedes sprinter for £4000, It is in good working order and great condition. We know this is a great price but are worried that the millage is too high...
  16. V

    Problem with 2014 2.1 Sprinter DEF Tank

    Hi, DEF tank on my 2014 2.1 4 cylinder went bad and I got countdowns and things. I have Xentry with SD Connect 4 and I was trying to do regen, but every time I start doing that process it starts from 159%, I assume that it doesn't do that, due to faulty DEF Tank, which has a problem with a...
  17. R

    VS30: 2019+ 2019 Sprinter 4x4 For Sale / Aluminum and Bamboo Interior

    Hi friends, Cory here from Rigwell. We’re proud to list our 2019 Sprinter 4x4 shop build, called Grey Boy. This Sprinter came with lots of factory options, including swivel seats and a 7-inch touchscreen display. Our goal was to build the ultimate adventure van for a couple with an active...
  18. I

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2015 Sprinter conversion for sale

    2015 Mercedes Sprinter 144" high roof 2wd Camper conversion- Ready to adventure 4cylinder turbo diesel 76xxxmiles- excellent condition. This van is ready to go! I built this van as a part of my quarantine project. Its built for travel as well as work with a built in standing desk. Its built...
  19. D

    Sprinter Fuel 4X4 Economy

    I really love the look of the Sprinter 4x4 as a go anywhere camper, and perhaps because my family are getting larger it may make good replacement for my Land Defender pop up top camper. However with my work I tend to travel across Europe a far bit and I was wondering how the 2wd medium length...
  20. S

    VS30: 2019+ 2020 Sprinter 2500 Crew Van 144" High Roof 4x4 for sale

    2020 Sprinter 2500 Crew Van 144" High Roof 4x4 for sale. 12,000 miles. Blue Grey exterior with Leatherette Black interior. Factory Mercedes Benz warranty to 120,000/6 years including towing to nearest authorized Sprinter shop. Weathertech floor mats and front window shades. Crew model with...

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