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  1. P

    NCV3: 2006-2018 4x4. 2016 Sprinter 144. 31k

    Hello, I'm selling my sprinter van. It's bad ass. You can read the post below on craigslist, all the hard part's are done just needs a bed frame and it's ready to go. Thank you, please contact via craigslist add...
  2. travisap

    Is a 170 WB Sprinter Van considered an "RV"? Camping/Parking Limitations

    Is the 170 WB (not extended) Sprinter Van considered an RV? Would we be limited to certain campground sites due to its size? Thanks! -Travis
  3. C

    2008 170" Sprinter Conversion Canada $45K USD

    Beautiful conversion, large solar package, lots of storage. 126,000 miles/203,000km. In Ontario, Canada with the possibility of delivery to Denver or Minneapolis or Eastern Canada. $45,000 USD/$58,000 CAD For full details, and to contact us please follow the link! www.createwondr.com/sale
  4. W

    WTB 144'' Mercedes Diesel,under 300k,$17k budget

    Looking to buy a Diesel Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Ideally a 144" wheel base under 300k miles. My budget is $17,000. Hoping for a clean vehicle with no accidents and working A/C, that I can build-out into a travel van (think more along the lines of storage for gear and 1-2 night sleepovers, rather...
  5. Burdi Motorworks

    Buying or Selling your Sprinter? - Ask a Sprinter Tech for Help (Chicago)

    Are you looking to buy or sell a Sprinter van? Have questions before you make the investment? Is it broken down or has too much rust? At Burdi Motorworks, we help our customers either buy, sell, or repair their Sprinter van. We are an Independent Sprinter repair facility, and we have tons...
  6. M

    Remove Black Death injector without tool rental!!!

    Look. I have a 2006 sprinter with 440,000 miles. I fixed my leaking injector at 435,000 and its been leaking since 370,000. Clean out the large deposits of crud, soak the injector with wd-40 and leave it for a day. Come back the next day and put some acetone on it. After that unscrew the fuel...

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