spare tire holder

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    Spare Tire Stainless Steel Cooking Grate from Front Runner

    Haven't had it on the back of the van, so deciding to sell. $100. I'm in Carpinteria, CA. Details from Front Runner... This ingenious, stainless steel cooking grate, stores over your spare wheel and takes up virtually no space. Laser cut 3CR12 stainless steel grill on aluminum legs. Grill...
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    While under your van... Need pic of Spare Tire front hanger please

    Another joy of being one of the first to work on the new model.... I need someone to please share a picture of the FRONT of their spare tire hanger so I can see how it is attached to the van frame cross bar. ***background*** my van was not delivered with a spare tire hanger or spare tire...
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    Bike Rack for 2016 Plateau TS w Continental tire

    I thought I would share my experience with selecting a rack for my new Plateau TS. I decided a platform rack would be best for long trips, with all the bouncing. I am also told that manufacturers of carbon frame bikes (which I have) are revising their warranties to exclude the usual arm style...

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