1. T

    Solar Circuitry Diagram HELP

    Hello! First post during my first conversion. I just made my first ever circuit diagram!! I was hoping an electrician superhero on the forum could come to my rescue and proofread it please !! I am feeling pretty good about it, excited to make it a reality. Open to suggestions/critiques...
  2. iksro

    Roof rack with rear factory air?

    What is everyone using or planning on using in conjunction with the factory air? Im not sure if the modular options from Aluminess or the Flatline Vanco options will work. Looking to put solar, crossbars to carry gear when needed, light bar, AND take the space for a Maxxair fan right in the...
  3. V

    The best solar kit from Amazon!?

    Any recommendation of a good solar kit!? no sophistication is needed. This is to top up house batteries during dry camping. I wander if my 2014 itasca navion have anythind "pre wired" or " solar ready" (whatever that means?) to accommodate the installation of additional hardware (panels wires...
  4. R

    NCV3: 2006-2018 4x4 Mercedes Sprinter Van: Rugged Luxury Expertly Converted 144 Grey

    One-of-a-kind expertly converted 2017 4x4 144 Sprinter van featuring: * Nitto Terra Grappler G2 All-Terrain radial tires * 18inch Mandrus Atlas matte black rims * TerraWagen black Mercedes emblems and grille * Backwoods Adventure Mods front bumper * Van Compass upgraded suspension and body armor...
  5. N

    REDARC BCDC1240D vs Renogy DCC50S (DC-DC Chargers with MPPT)

    I am fairly new to the forum and appreciate all the help offered by the community. I have a VS30 that is in production and am planning on completing out the initial steps of the build myself. I am planning on running a 100-150 AH LiFePO4 battery, located near the drivers side rear wheel...
  6. S

    Van Electrical Diagram & Misc Electrical Questions!!!

    Hey ya'll, I want to start off by saying I TRUELY appreciate any help/advice you have to offer, and will pay it forward by documenting + sharing my electrical install on youtube here on my channel once it's complete First off, I've...
  7. D

    NCV3: 2006-2018 2008 Dodge Sprinter Conversion Van - AMAZING Interior Feast your eyes on one of the coolest custom interiors for a conversion van that you have ever seen. Meet Roosevelt! He is a complete custom 144" wheelbase Sprinter van that is looking for a new home...
  8. B

    Custom Roof Rack Metal Size?

    I'm building a custom roof rack for my Sprinter. I'm new to metalworking/welding, so I really have no idea of what size metal to get. Round or Square tube? Size? Thickness of the metal? Any input or advice is greatly apricated!
  9. J

    Electrical Diagram Review & Questions

    Been reading the forum for a while now and finally getting my build going, I picked up a bunch of parts on Black Friday this year and trying to arrange them in a way that works now which is probably not the best way to approach, but hey... This design borrows liberally from some of the active...
  10. S

    (Unorthodox) MPPT Wiring

    I used the generally accepted method of wiring my MPPT on my last build (a T1N), connecting a wire from the Bat+ on the MPPT to the physical battery +, and the Bat- wire to the physical battery -. Now I'm installing an MPPT in an NCV3 that came with a stock aux battery in the engine...
  11. I

    Dual Sensing Charging through Alternator

    Hi All - Can't seem to find the answer in old threads... I have the aux battery system connected directly to alternator via blue sea acr. Aux batt system receives charge from 200a solar panel to top off. When aux batteries are sufficiently charged the acr is dual sensing so should allow charge...
  12. N

    Disconnecting solar when below freezing for LIFEPO4 batteries

    Disclaimer, I'm not a pro, but did some internet research on how to throw this setup together. Use info at your own risk ;) Charging lithium batteries below freezing temps can cause irreversible damage. With my installation of 400ah of lifepo4 batteries inside the van, I've been looking for an...
  13. D

    T1N Build Out, Solar, Diesel Heater, Water, Fridge, Propane, and Toilet.

    Here is a link to the build album with explanations: Feel free to ask questions if you have them, I'd love to share my knowledge the same way others shared with me. Thank you to everyone who has every posted on this forum; it was an invaluable resource, and I...
  14. Andy at Focallocal

    putting an electric engine in T1N

    this is mostly for fun, i don't believe the technology is ready to make this a practical option yet unless you have stupid money, so i'm not planning to convert mine right now - although it'd be great to be proved wrong. it is one of my pipe dreams so i thought i'd start a discussion -...
  15. B

    Solar Questions

    We currently building out a ford conversion van into a small livable space to travel in over the next year or so. We have a couple question concerning our actual solar needs. We are planning on installing flexible solar panels on the roof of our van and would love some advice/ opinions...
  16. 5

    Solar/battery issues - any suggestions?

    First of all forgive me if I don't have all of the terminology correct as I am a complete novice when it comes to this. A little background on our van: [LIST] We have a 14amp solar set up in our Sprinter conversion van. 2 deep gel cell batteries that were just installed last year Dometic 2 way...
  17. K

    Simple solar for full-time living

    Hey everyone. I've been lurking around here for long enough and trying to do research in my conversion, but I think that an actual conversation with experienced Sprinter folks is the next step. There are just so many options, it's hard to know whether I'm going down the right path. I want to get...
  18. N

    Costco Road Show: Goal Zero Yeti 1400 Lithium $1499.99

    Goal Zero is doing a Costco Road Show and you can get a Yeti 1400 Lithium Solar Generator for $1499.99 with two free 30' 8mm solar panel cables as a bonus. Other items are also at discount! Today in Westlake Village, CA I got a 1400 from them. Here is the schedule list...
  19. S

    Amateur here - Questions about solar/electrical

    Hi guys, Reading and browsing through all of the information and experience here has been incredible so far, and now I'm looking for a little more specific help. I have a 2008 Dodge 2500 144WB high roof that my fiancé and I just bought, and have it stripped down to bare bones. Before we start...
  20. F

    Solar wire routing

    Has anyone here routed their solar wiring where the Satellite wires go? It seems to me the shortest route if the panels are up front.

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