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    Ford Transit XLT350 High Roof Extended Diesel for Sale Already Converted

    We are selling a professionally converted 2016 Ford Transit High Roof Extended Diesel that is already built out with solar, batteries, kitchen, queen sized bed, table, seating area, heater, and more. You can view pictures and get more details here...
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    Twin Cities conversion or solar shops?

    Can anyone recommend a shop in Minneapolis or St. Paul? I’m looking for help with my solar power system; bonus points for experience with Dometic fridges. (I looked through threads but found nothing recent.) Thanks.
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    problem with Dometic cfx fridge OR solar power system?

    Hi all. I have a problem to diagnose. My Dometic CFX 35w fridge has been increasingly erratic, but I’m not sure it’s not actually a problem with my solar power system. System details: - 280W solar panel (new) - 40A Renogy charge controller (new) - 105AH OEC LiFePO4 battery (new) - 12v outlets...
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    Simple briefcase solar setup

    I have a fairly unique electrical setup in my van. The 200W of solar on my roof is connected to a GoalZero Yeti1400 Lithium that's used for AC power (induction cooktop, camera/laptop batteries, and a few USBs). I also have a LifeBlue 200AH lithium 'house' battery that powers the fridge, fans...
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    Power system build with current products

    There are lots of posts about this, but I thought I'd lay out what I'm about to do as 1) a benefit for those looking for some of the newest product solutions and 2) welcome input from anyone pro or con on my approach. Everyone's needs are different. For me it will be some park camping, some...
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    2007 Short Wheelbase High Top Urban Stealth Camper

    I'm starting an official build thread for my conversion on Junior, my white 2007 short wheelbase high-top cargo van. It will be a mobile office and residence I can use to live in mostly urban settings off-grid and under the radar. Other than the solar panels, the exterior will remain as stock as...
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    Sunpower Flexible Solar panels and roof layout

    I would love some eyes on this solar layout for my 2500 170 LWB 2015 Sprinter. Using 4 x flexible 180W panels from Sunpower (manufactured in Shenzhen) I figured after measuring the roof that I have approx 164" x 54" (give or take a little on each dimension for safety) The panels are 31.5" x...
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    Charging chassis battery from house batteries

    On a 2006 LTV Free Spirit 3S, where do I find the relay that connects house batteries to the engine battery so house batteries charge while engine is running. I do have a LR9806 relay, I've checked the voltage on both large lugs, the voltage is exactly the same on both lugs (the house battery...
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    Solar Panel Installation on 2013 NCV3

    Solar power for our Sprinter camper van was a top priority from day one. Now that we've had six months of free energy charging our batteries and running our fridge and laptops, I can hands-down say it was one of our best additions to the van and something I highly recommend. Do it! To save you...

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