solar panels

  1. travisap

    Would a 100Ah battery be enough? What do you use?

    After calculating our power usage (see attached image) I am wondering if we can get by with a 100Ah battery and equivalent setup with solar and inverter. After looking at our situation, should we go with 100Ah or go with 200Ah "just in case"?
  2. J

    Master switch placement - is this correct?

    Hello. Can anyone tell me if the dotted line from the charge controller in the attached diagram is placed correctly? feeding into the master on/off switch? I guess what I'm asking is.. If I need to turn off the switch to isolate my batteries, is it okay that I will be disconnecting my charge...
  3. 3

    Help With My Solar Fork Up

    At the risk of (deservedly I think) joining some kind of local dumbad hall of fame... I bought a six panel system for what I thought was a very big roof of a box truck sprinter. I didn't measure. So guess what?:frown: The panels are 65x39", roof is 92x168", vent 12"x12" of course.:censored...
  4. N

    Disconnecting solar when below freezing for LIFEPO4 batteries

    Disclaimer, I'm not a pro, but did some internet research on how to throw this setup together. Use info at your own risk ;) Charging lithium batteries below freezing temps can cause irreversible damage. With my installation of 400ah of lifepo4 batteries inside the van, I've been looking for an...
  5. M

    Concerns with Wind Shear for Solar Panels

    Hey all! First time being here, so apologies in advance if I break any rules. Just wanted to see if anyone out there had any negative experiences revolving around the wind coming up under the solar panels. We are using the current mounting equipment already installed on the van along with some...
  6. dlp911

    2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter Custom Camper 4x4 M2CA144 Boulder, CO

    This is a virtually new custom built 2016 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4x4 camper van with 21,000 miles. This SkiHaus van was purpose built by the Van Life gurus at @vanlifecustoms for summer and winter adventuring. It has added extra insulation, a diesel heater, solar panels and a Thule box for skis...
  7. B

    2016 Graphite Grey MB 2500 170" Hightop Sprinter Cargo - Extras - Ohio 11,000 miles

    2016 Graphite Grey MB 2500 170" Hightop Sprinter Cargo - Extras - Ohio 11,000 miles I am located in Ohio but I am open to driving it to your location. We started modifying this for our business and we changed the direction we were heading. Drives great. Here are the options we added to the...
  8. 5

    Solar/battery issues - any suggestions?

    First of all forgive me if I don't have all of the terminology correct as I am a complete novice when it comes to this. A little background on our van: [LIST] We have a 14amp solar set up in our Sprinter conversion van. 2 deep gel cell batteries that were just installed last year Dometic 2 way...
  9. S

    Zamp 100w Solar Panel- Southern CA

    Zamp 100w Solar Panel- NEW IN BOX! NEVER USED. Asking $250 San Clemente, CA Would partial trade/trade for 5 cu ft RV 2 way fridge or Aluminess light bar.
  10. V

    Sunpower Flexible Solar panels and roof layout

    I would love some eyes on this solar layout for my 2500 170 LWB 2015 Sprinter. Using 4 x flexible 180W panels from Sunpower (manufactured in Shenzhen) I figured after measuring the roof that I have approx 164" x 54" (give or take a little on each dimension for safety) The panels are 31.5" x...
  11. A

    Low output from GoPower PVs

    Yesterday was a hot (for us: 80°) sunny day in Marin County. At 2 p.m. I looked at the GoPower panel and saw that the output was 6.4A @ 13.4V. That's 86W, or less than half of the two flex panels' 200W combined nominal output. I stuck my head out the hatch and looked at the panels. They were in...
  12. C

    Solar Panel Installation on 2013 NCV3

    Solar power for our Sprinter camper van was a top priority from day one. Now that we've had six months of free energy charging our batteries and running our fridge and laptops, I can hands-down say it was one of our best additions to the van and something I highly recommend. Do it! To save you...
  13. C

    Bike Hauling Adventure Mobile - 2013 NCV3 2500 Sprinter DIY Build-Out

    Hey y'all! After months of combing through the forum early last year and some solid effort in the fall, I finished out a 2013 144" high roof Sprinter as a bike hauler and general exploring rig. Below is the general summary. Check out my full write-up for a bit more detail and lots of pictures...
  14. S

    Charging the starter battery

    I have a 2013 Unity TB. I had solar panels installed with the controller near the entry door. Does anyone know how I can connect the starting battery to the solar panels or do I have to string wire directly to the starting battery? If this is what I have to do what is the easiest way to do...
  15. S

    2 or 4 AGM batteries with 300W solar array?

    We just ordered a 2014 Roadtrek Agile with 3 x 100 W solar panels and no generator. Roadtrek suggests installing 2 extra AGM batteries, a total of 4, to offset the missing generator. We are worried that the 300W panels won't be able to charge the 4 batteries at a safe level without shore power...
  16. I

    Questions about Solar Panels, Front Hitch, After Market Air Conditioning

    Hello All, I own a 2013, 170 Passenger Sprinter. I have a few questions I'm hoping you might be able to help answering. 1. Any experience with Solar Panels and if so, what set up would you recommend? I plan to install a few of those on the roof of the Sprinter. I want to mount these using...
  17. D

    Solar Panel Installation on 2010 Roadtrek Agile SS

    I have a 2010 Roadtrek Agile SS built on a 2008 Sprinter chassis onto which I intend to install a Uni-Solar PVL 68 Unisolar PV Laminate solar panel. The 60-watt flexible panel is 112" long by 15.5" wide and just barely fits in the left-hand side of the roof space alongside the air conditioner...
  18. S

    Flexible Solar panels I'm really interested in these flexible panels. I'm thinking these can be adhered directly to the roof with vhb tape. They are light (3.5kg) and would definitely be stealth. Does anyone have any experience with these flexible panels? Maybe we could...
  19. C

    Propane vs Auxiliary Battery both with Solar Panel

    I am an avid outdoor adventure seeker/ mtn biker fanatic/ DIY'er. Im finally going to pull the trigger and give myself the living accommodations to fit my lifestyle. Ive sold my house, and will be trading in my car, and am totally ready to start my adventure and begin appreciating all the little...

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