solar panel installation

  1. C

    Rear Air-conditioning Delete / Add Maxxair + Solar

    Ok I finally did it this weekend. After 2 years of enjoying summer and not working too much on the van. I pulled off the factory rear air-conditioner (after having it professionally decommissioned at the compressor with smaller belt and emptying the system). (BTW van is out of warranty.)...
  2. B

    Yakima Solar Panel Mounts

    I am posting this because I was unable to find any thing comperable I built solar panel mounts for Zamp solar panels on Yakima racks. It allows me to retain my Yakima racks for future projects I have in mind. I used parts from 80/20, parts list to follow and I have a brief video on my...
  3. L

    Solar Panels

    Hey Sprinter community, I have a 2017 144 wheelbase high roof sprinter and looking for advice on solar panels. So far, I've looked into Renogy, AM solar, and Zamp. Any suggestions? So far I am leaning towards a DIY kit, but still unsure of which company to go with. Any info is much...
  4. V

    My electrical system, for your review

    I've put together an initial wiring diagram for my build. It does not include the wiring for loads from the distribution blocks as my main concern right now is ensuring everything is solid up to that point. A few questions: The BMS built into the batteries is less than ideal. The low and...
  5. 3

    Help With My Solar Fork Up

    At the risk of (deservedly I think) joining some kind of local dumbad hall of fame... I bought a six panel system for what I thought was a very big roof of a box truck sprinter. I didn't measure. So guess what?:frown: The panels are 65x39", roof is 92x168", vent 12"x12" of course.:censored...
  6. B

    Mounting Solar Panels Bolt on or roof rack on 2005 LWB high roof

    Hello all, I need some advise and opinions. I have a 2005 high roof LWB. I am going to be mounting 3 solar panels after the new year. I cannot make my mind up over the mounting options. 1. I can bold directly onto the roof. - Not sure I want that many holes in my roof. I know they can...
  7. M

    Concerns with Wind Shear for Solar Panels

    Hey all! First time being here, so apologies in advance if I break any rules. Just wanted to see if anyone out there had any negative experiences revolving around the wind coming up under the solar panels. We are using the current mounting equipment already installed on the van along with some...
  8. ecowhale

    Where to Buy T-slot Bolts for Roof Rack?

    I've searched eBay and Amazon but the descriptions fail to explain the head size which has to be 1" exact x 1" or longer. I wish to install solar panels without drilling holes in the roof.
  9. N

    Mounting Bracket for Solar Panels onto OEM Rails

    I’ve been scouring various sites and threads for an answer to what I thought would be a straight forward question, but just not finding the solution. I am trying to mount 4 - 100 W Renogy Solar Panels directly to OEM roof rails on a 2016 Sprinter 144”. The panels are 47” wide. Does anyone know...
  10. D

    Roof Measurements ~ 158 T1N for Solar Panels

    Hi, would much appreciate dimensions of roof for a 158 T1N to install solar panels on. I am about to buy some solar panels to take advantage of these non stop 115F days and get off grid until I find a Sprinter to convert and disappear from this furnace during summers. *urrent power usage is...
  11. T

    Roof Solar Mounting Solutions for 2007 144" High Top Cargo Van

    I've got four Renology 100 watt panels I want to mount on my roof, along with a Maxxair fan and probably a skylight. For this thread I'm looking for the best way to interface between the existing roof channels and whatever I'm building for the solar to live on. It's possible I may want to put...
  12. T

    Detailed Diagrams for 2007 144" High Top Conversion

    I've looked on the Interwebz and this forum for a while, but I'm having a lot of trouble finding precise diagrams and measurements of my 2007 144" High Top cargo van. I feel like I must be missing something obvious. Where can I get such diagrams? :idunno: I'm planning on doing an urban stealth...
  13. C

    Solar Panel Installation on 2013 NCV3

    Solar power for our Sprinter camper van was a top priority from day one. Now that we've had six months of free energy charging our batteries and running our fridge and laptops, I can hands-down say it was one of our best additions to the van and something I highly recommend. Do it! To save you...

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