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    Van-dwelling in Wildfire season - fan/vents and air filters

    Hey folks! Despite owning a 2005 Sprinter for over three years and living in it for much of the last two, I've somehow only now just discovered this forum... I'm curious, how are all of you other van-dwellers on the west coast are dealing with wildfire season? The smoke's starting to get pretty...
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    HELP : Black smoke under 2000RPM but fine at higher RPM

    Hi guys, 
 First time posting here. I recently purchased a Sprinter 2500 2004 (T1N) with a "broken turbo". The previous owner has replaced some parts to try to fix the turbo but with no success. After analyzing, I've found that the turbo actuator was not moving at all. The previous owner...
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    Dipstick .. lite smoke

    Hi guys I have a 2007 merc sprinter cdi 311 I happen to notice today when I took out the dipstick, there was a very tiny like almost impossible to see but the smallest amount of vapour/smoke I’m unsure as it wasn’t really smoke but seemed like a must, can anyone advise I’ve just completed a full...
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    Smoke coming from unknown box in engine compartment

    I don't know enough about these engines yet to know what this is, but I noticed smoke coming from this area of my engine today. It seemed to be accompanied by a louder than normal whooshing/fan noise that maintained several seconds after the engine was turned off, but that could be normal. Can...
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    Smoking Issues (Turbo?)

    Hello, I have an '08 2500 with 550k miles. This truck is maintained by the book; however, the truck is now experiencing some smoking (and strong odor) from the tailpipe. Specifically, when I idle for more than a couple minutes, the truck will begin to smoke and the smoke will escalate upon...
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    Smoke coming out of my 2006 Dodge Sprinter 2500

    Has anyone ever had any kind of electrical / engine smoke. Not sure what is causing this. I recently had a stereo system installed which is pulling power from the fuse box, this fuse had blown a couple of times and took it back where they placed the stereo power from another fuse of its own...
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    Oh, s**** my van's on fire, my van's on fire! Is it?

    After listening to you ladies talking about the EGR valve and how surprised everybody was that it failed or is so dirty, I decided to clean it again after 30,000 miles. And I will do so every 10,000 together with oil change... just in case. I unplugged the little two hoses "as instructed by...
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    Smoke from behind gauge cluster 2005 T1N

    Last weekend I took out my 2005 2500 with 150,000 miles, I was puling my small trailer and on the way trip smelled wiring burning and large amount of smoke filled the cab coming out from behind the gauge cluster bezel, turned off headlights, heater motor and opened window to let out some of the...
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    Smoking Sprinter

    Hi Everyone, I not sure if this topic has been discussed before or not, but my sprinter giving me hard time. Time to time its smoking really bad. Toxic blue smoke. About a year ago we changed, turbo(genuine), pdf(not genuine), converter(not genuine), fitted couple new sensors(someone tried to...

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