1. S

    BANG then slippage in nag1 transmission.

    Hi, I greatly appreciate anyone's input or help on this. Working on a 2006 long and tall. At 100,600 miles there were zero issues with the transmission except for a slight RSN. I performed a transmission service: Drained torque converter and pan, performed Doktor A's RSN fix with a #55 drill...
  2. Axiom

    2006 - Transmission took a dump

    So I'm driving my 2006 HC 2500 140" about 5 mins up to the autoparts store. Taking off from a stop light, it shifts into first okay then it tries to shift into second but it gets really thing I know it bangs into gear, lurches me forward a little bit, and I get the dreaded check...
  3. P

    Transmission Slipping, do I have to replace it?

    This is my first post so please let me know if I need to post more info! I have a 2002 T1N Freightliner 2500 with 135,000 miles on it. Over the last few weeks I have started noticing some transmission slipping, or flare shifting (I guess it is called). It starts to really act up once the engine...
  4. J

    Transmission advice?

    my 2004 has 447K serviced religiously. Started making noise when stopped and in gear. reverse and drive. The noise goes away when in nuetral or park. Also the rpm's are rising when climbing hills or accelerating hard. It still pulls hard. It's like the tourqe converter isn't locking up. Any...

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